How many types of Endermen are there?

Minecraft Enderman is a very mysterious creature, tall, black and mostly neutral mobs that mostly stay away from both players and other mobs.

To facilitate this distance, Endermen are able to teleport and also have the ability to pick up placed blocks.

Can Enderman collect tools?

Not even the Endermen can collect any tools. If you decide to test an item transfer and could throw an item on the ground, well, the Endermen won’t care.

Not even the Enderman can pick up any Armor. Perhaps one day we will see an enhanced Enderman who is able to equip himself by picking up armor, just like zombies and skeletons do.

Can you tame an Enderman?

Taming an Enderman is not an easy task. You have to be careful when to approach it and when to stay away from it.

Enderman is not an easy mob to tame and can hurt you while catching him.

How to find Enderman in Minecraft (easy steps)

To find Enderman in Minecraft –

  • First, you need to go to the places where there is a chance to get it. They are common in the locations of the Distorted Forest biome and the End Isles.
  • Then build a structure 20 blocks high from which you will be able to see the whole area. The shapes of the blocks are rectangular and 11×11 in order. Structure blocks are one block wide and four blocks long. This structure will help you go from bottom to top in one step and make your enderman finding process easier.
  • After finding any Enderman kills them with sword. They will immediately spawn and produce Enderman. Keep repeating this process and you will be able to get more. But before spawning, you need to make sure of the safety of the area as anything can happen. Also to spawn the mobs, the area should be dark, thus have extra armor at the spawn point.
  • Also, you can create an enderman farm using ender beads. You can collect these pearls by killing mobs with a sword.
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Climbing plant

Climbing plant (image via Mojang)

One of the most infamous and terrifying hostile mobs in Minecraft is the creeper. The creepers have had only one purpose since the beginning of the game: to explode! Watch out for these mobs as they often spawn in caves and other unexpected places. Without this exploding green block, what would Minecraft be like? The Creeper is a well-known character in the game world and everyone who plays Minecraft knows about his popularity. A shield can be used to deflect damage from a creeper. A vine can drop gunpowder, which can be used to make TNT, firework stars, or firework powder.

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