How many portals are in Minecraft?

Sometimes it can happen, especially with modpacks, that you can’t go through either the Nether Portal or the Ender Portal. This is a bug that you can easily fix.

  1. Access the GPORTAL web interface and select your Minecraft server
  2. Stop your server and create a backup
  3. Once this is created, connect to your server with an FTP program (login details are on your server’s status page)
  4. Go to your world folder (this folder has the same name as your world name). There you will find two files: level.dat and level.dat_old
  5. Remove these two files and start your server.

How to create a Nether portal

A Nether portal, in its simplest form, is a hollow obsidian vertical rectangle 4×5 (width x height) blocks. To do this you will need 14 blocks of obsidian, a material that can only be mined using a diamond pickaxe. Obsidian forms where blocks of lava source are touched by flowing water (meaning you can find it in many caves and caverns, but sometimes other unique places as well, such as above ground). After the blocks have been placed, you simply need to use a Flint & Steel inside the portal to light it up and create that special purple field that will lead to the Nether.

Is there a portal in the ancient city of Minecraft?

Currently, there is no portal in the Ancient Town of Minecraft. However, it is understandable why many believe this to be the case.

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Inside the Ancient City of Deep Darkness is a huge structure made of deep slate. This strange build also has a hollowed out center which gives the portal special vibes. There’s even soul fire and candles around! Despite this, the portal is non-functional and mainly serves as a decoration.

Number of End Portals in a Minecraft Bedrock world

End Portals are the gateways to the eerie End dimension. To visit the End dimension, players will need to activate an End portal and go through it. End portals are found in rare underground structures called strongholds. Only after finding a stronghold can players go to the End dimension.

In Minecraft Java Edition, a pattern is followed for generating stronghold structures. However, it’s a completely different story on Bedrock Edition. Stronghold generation is completely random in Bedrock worlds. Players can find strongholds right below their spawn or extremely far away from their spawn.

Repairing Ruined Nether Portals With Obsidian

Ruined Nether Portals are broken obsidian frames found in the Minecraft underworld and aren’t exactly a common sight. If you find one, however, it’s time to complete it.

Near these ruined Nether portals are chests, sometimes containing only the amount needed to repair the portal. Some even contain Flint and Steel.

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