How many FPS is real time?

For subtitles, you need to determine the frame rate of the video timeline. Next, you need to determine if your project’s timeline is DF or NDF so that the timing of the captions matches the duration of your video. You should also note the initial timecode of your video file.

What led to the adoption of 24 fps?

The important factors that led to the adoption of 24 fps as the industry standard are:

What is the frame rate of film and video?

What is the frame rate of the video content? Most, certainly not all, videos and movies are shot and played back at anywhere from 24 to 30 frames per second. Watching a video is different from everyday reality. Imagine this. You are a young mother in a park with your children. Your eyes don’t simply see a specifically defined area around your children; they take the whole world around you as a stream of data.

While most video plays at 24 frames per second, it can be recorded in much higher numbers. Even cell phones can easily record up to 720 frames per second. This is a feature people use when they record something they want to use for slow playback later. When you see those great slow-motion action shots, they’re shot at very high frame-per-second speeds.

Is there an advantage to playing at high FPS?

There is a definite benefit to high FPS gaming gear if you spend more than a small amount of time each week playing video games. High-end game drives (with high FPS) give their owner a greater edge and boost than you can ever imagine. Maybe even a 90% increase!

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But there is a point where the highest Hz monitors are barely higher than any eye can see or tell a difference. If your monitor is at the fastest speed you can actually see, it doesn’t mean you’re any better at gaming because your response rate just can’t keep up.


The frame rate of a video greatly affects the look and feel of a video, which in turn determines the level of realism of the video. This concept ties directly into the way we naturally see the world.

When we see motion, such as a person throwing a ball or a passing car, we naturally see some motion blur. Ideally, the frame rate you choose will mimic this motion blur, keeping the experience as realistic as possible. If you choose too high a frame rate, things will start to look unnatural and the video will suffer from what is called the “soap opera effect”.

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