How long is a Minecraft night without a bed?

These are the different sections of the cycle in Minecraft. Though the night doesn’t last long, it’s dangerous. You will find many rare items if you go exploring during the night.


Step by step guide to making a Minecraft bed

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Now that you’re done arranging the ingredients, let’s look at the steps for making a bed in Minecraft.

The functions of the bed in Minecraft

In addition to the well-known function of sleeping, which can also be attributed to a bed in the game, the bed in Minecraft has another main function: it is the spawn point . Both functions together make the item indispensable, especially in survival mode. Another advantage of the Minecraft bed is that you can disassemble them with any tools or even without them at all, with your bare hands. Then you don’t have to fear destroying the item because you are using the wrong equipment.

You can quickly place a Minecraft bed. It needs at least two blocks of space in front of the player. The bed is placed with a right click. The bottom edge is close to the player. The upper end is in the opposite direction from the player. If you want to place the Minecraft bed not directly in front of you, that means at least one block must be free behind it for it to work. Overall, the bed is only half a block high, so it has slab height.

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Twilight is the moment or period between day and night and lasts a minute and a half. At dusk, the sun sets over the western horizon as the moon rises over the eastern horizon (in the Pocket Edition, the sun sets over the southern horizon as the moon rises over the northern horizon). As the sun sets, the nearby sky gives off a vibrant orange-red glow, while the sun also becomes larger than it is as it sets.

Each block within a direct vertical view of the sky during this time suffers a decrease in brightness by 1 every 10 seconds, unless illuminated by other light sources. Players can also sleep in a bed between dusk and dawn in a single player world, this automatically changes the night cycle to dawn and sets the weather to serene.

Where to find wool in Minecraft

The hardest part of making a bed is getting the wool you need. Getting wool can sometimes be a bit tricky because you have to find sheep or treasure chests. You can also kill spiders and use 12 of their falling threads to make as many blocks of wool as you need. Another option to get wool is to buy it from a shepherd villager for several emeralds. However, the most reliable method of obtaining wool is to find yourself a few sheep or two.

You can find sheep mainly in grassland biomes, but they can also spawn in other places. Once you find some sheep, you’ll need to craft a pair of shears. To craft shears, you need to collect two iron ingots. You can either dig down or search a nearby cave for some iron. Smell it and then use it to make Shears:

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