How fast is 4090?

The Nvidia RTX 4090 is faster than the RTX 4080 by at least 25%. In some other games, the flagship RTX 4090 even had higher scores. We’re not surprised by the performance gap between these two because it was Nvidia’s plan from the beginning for the RTX 4090 to be better. It’s so good that even the best GPU from AMD at the moment can’t even match.

Here’s how the specs compare between the Nvidia RTX 4090 and the Nvidia RTX 4080. The RTX 4090 is a powerful flagship with monstrous performance. While the RTX 4080 is positioned as the top of the mid-range. In detail, the RTX 4090 has a clock speed of 2.53GHz which is almost on par with the RTX 4080 model which has 2.51GHz and 16,384 CUDA cores compared to the 4080 model’s 9,728. it has 24GB GDDR6X memory compared to 16GB on the RTX 4080.

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Nvidia RTX 4090 Vs 4080: Specs

The spec table is a great starting point for comparing two cards of the same generation. While it has limited scope in comparing cards across generations due to their different designs, when you have two cards based on the same process and a similar GPU, a specs table can allow you to draw some strong conclusions about the cards’ potential.

Note: The above are the specs for the Nvidia Founders Edition versions of these GPUs. Board partner cards will have different core and memory speeds, and possibly TDP as well.

Possible RTX 4090 Ti and Super

The question is: will there be an RTX 4090Ti and a possible Super? If they happen, when will they happen? And what does this mean for those interested in high-end GPUs like the 4070 Super? It’s possible the RTX 4090 Ti will launch with all 144 SMs, but there’s also the possibility it won’t and only have 142 SMs like the RTX 6000.

If so, that would be disappointing why consumers expect to get the full nut when they pay for a flagship GPU.

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