How far can the warden hear?

These deep opponents have two types of attacks: melee and ranged. Both are very dangerous, but for different reasons. If you plan to fight a Warden, make sure you prepare for their mighty onslaught.

If you’re in melee range, a Warden will try to hit you with his huge fists. The amount of damage depends on the difficulty you are playing on.


Don’t make noise

By now, most gamers should know that they should keep quiet when dealing with the guardian in Minecraft 1.19 . Since he is completely blind, the one thing the Guardian is extremely good at is hearing sound. Because even if the guardian is blind, he can navigate towards the player as soon as he feels the slightest movement.

The guardian’s rage level also increases every time he hears the player. So for this reason, players need to be in a crouch or sneak position most of the time to avoid making any noises that might attract the guardian. Any action, including eating foods, mining rocks, putting on and taking off items, sprinting, and more, can alert the Guardian to your location, so be careful.


That’s all you need to know if you want to find the Keeper and fight him. Simply explore until you reach the Deep Dark, after which you have to run for a while until it emerges. As the Keeper approaches, the surrounding candles and other lights will begin to flash, alerting you to his presence.

What is a Keeper?

  • The Keeper is a blind enemy. It relies on sculk-like sensors to detect vibrations caused by objects or players in Minecraft.
  • You can hear the Warden’s heartbeat as his heart flashes in his chest.
  • he Is twice as big as a player in Minecraft.
  • You will know that a Warden is near you when the lights in the cave around you begin to flicker. This is an indication of the Keeper’s presence.
  • If you are unfortunate enough to encounter a terrifying Warden in Minecraft, we advise you not to fight him. These mobs are nearly invincible and are capable of killing even players with Netherite armor in just under 2 hits.
  • Once the mob starts attacking you, they will continue to do so until they kill you. Your best option to avoid coming into contact with the Warden is to sneak past. The Warden’s stealthy sensors are unable to detect anything passing by.
  • Additionally, you can also throw snowballs and arrows to distract the Warden, giving you enough time to sneak past him.
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