How far can Endermen teleport?

Endermen are one of the creepiest mobs that have appeared in Minecraft. They walk around the place, steal the placed blocks and attack you if you make eye contact with them. The thing about them, though, is that they teleport on a whim. If they are attacked, touch water, or sometimes just feel like it, they teleport away. This can make it extremely difficult to trap them for a museum. This is how we found out about trapping an Enderman in Minecraft.

Unfortunately, we haven’t found a great way to trap an Enderman in Survival, so catching him by these means may not be worth the effort. Leads and name tags don’t work on Endermen, so you can’t capture them, and getting them to go to a specific area is a lot more effort than you should consider putting in. keep them there, but it’s no fun. That said, if you’re okay with using creative mode to capture them, we have a good method.

Endermen fight

Endermen are damaged by attacks, falls, fire, lava, water and poison. These are one of the most dangerous mobs in the game, in a one-on-one fight, and should be respected on that basis. Ideally you want your back against a wall. If you hit the Endermen, they will often teleport after you. (In multiplayer only, the enderman only teleports to somewhere within a player’s line of sight.) Their melee attacks hit hard enough, that you want to avoid getting hit by them as much as possible. Get yourself a sword and armor, made with the best material you have. A flint and steel can also help, as even though setting them on fire is difficult, it will probably still help you kill them, if you can pull it off. Concentrate on hitting their legs and try to time your attacks so that the Enderman is continually knocked back so he can’t hit you. This will usually kill them pretty quickly.

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You can perform pre-emptive strikes against the Endermen by aiming their sights at them, which will cause them to stand still for several seconds or until the Enderman is hit, whichever comes first. A player can also land the first hit by just looking at the Enderman’s legs until he attacks, though once he hits, the Enderman will become aggressive as usual. A height advantage of at least a block or more will also help keep the Enderman at bay as you hit him.

How was Enderman born?

In the distant past (or not so distant, since time is not as fixed in the End as we might think) there was a planet orbiting just outside our universe. Even Legend does not know the name of this world, but we now call it The End.

Master builders known as Endermen lived among these beings. It is believed that these beings possessed a society entirely based on construction. The things you build determine the quality of your life, from the tallest statues to the best sculptures. Enderman didn’t try to make war with each other, but resolved their differences by building incredible structures.

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