How do you turn a biome into corruption?

On Hard Mode, yes, it can happen. If you plant crimson blocks in the middle of the corrupted area, you will see a slow and gradual spread of the crimson. The same goes for planting corrupted blocks in the middle of the Crimson Area. While biomes may not naturally appear side-by-side in the same world, you can always plant your own biomes.

It depends on your personal tastes in aesthetics and whether or not you like the challenges in the game. But objectively Crimson Biome is better because it generates rarer, more resistant and more powerful items.

Should I stop the corruption in terrariums?

Corruption is a dangerous purple biome that presents dangers every time it spawns in your world. As an evil biome, you have to fight numerous enemies every time you venture into the corrupted areas. The biome of corruption can spread to other areas and you may wonder if it needs to be stopped.

You don’t have to stop the Corruption in Terraria, but we recommend you do if you want to play more easily. Monsters found in the Corruption biome include Eater of Souls, Devourer, Corrupt Goldfish, Corruptor, Eater of Worlds, Slimer, and Clinger.


There isn’t much a player can do to slow down the spread of Evil Biomes before Hardmode. Building a trench 3 tiles wide is the best option to ensure the area doesn’t move. However, this doesn’t stop the Hardmode biome spawns from ruining your plan! You will need to be ready to build more 3-tile trenches in the future. Killing the wall of flesh will spawn even more villainy to clean up after all!

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Evil biomes, such as Corruption and Crimson, spread faster on the surface. Using sunflowers and other grass tiles from the surface world that can’t be harmed can be of great help in the beginning.

Preparation and equipment

Before you start containing Corruption biomes, there are a few pieces of equipment you should try to get your hands on.

Mostly, this will take care of your mining speed. Containing these biomes involves a lot of mining. Without the following equipment and buffs, it will take you hours instead of an hour or two.

What is Corruption?

Map view of a medium aspect of the Corruption biome

Corruption is a necessary part of your progression, especially in pre-Hardmode.

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