How do you tame an allay in Minecraft?

Allays are somewhat simple to find, especially if you’ve explored a lot of above-ground areas in Minecraft. These mobs can be found imprisoned in looter outposts and woodland dwellings. They can be found in wooden cages inside outposts and prison cells inside palaces – it may be useful to use a special seed to reach them earlier. Allays are usually found in groups of one to three in each location. Giving an ally an item will effectively “tame” them, causing them to automatically follow the player as long as they stay close enough. Almost any item can be given to the Allay, allowing any player to easily tame and carry one without issue.

Unlike other mobs like flower-loving bees or the unique and varied axolotls, allays don’t technically “produce”. Instead, giving an amethyst shard to an allay while it’s dancing will cause it to double. Only one ally is ever needed to spawn more. However, players will also need a jukebox, as well as a music record, to get the band dancing. There will also be a cooldown after duplicating. The player is forced to wait some time before it is possible to duplicate the same alley a second time. If you want a good reason to search every music record you can find, placate duplication provides a fantastic excuse to do so!

How to tame An Allay in Minecraft

The Allay is the newest mob in the Minecraft update The Wild. While it’s not an animal like other mobs, it does have a purpose. It is not possible to tame Allays, as they are already passive. However, what the crowd can do is something special. These ghost-like creatures will fly around the world and can be approached by the player. They usually spawn in Pillager Outposts and Woodland Dwellings, captured inside cages.

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How to tame an allay in Minecraft

Before we get into the taming part, here’s what you should know.

How to tame an allay in Minecraft

Allays also have useful features that can help players on their Minecraft expeditions. The Allay will wander aimlessly until players give it an item, at which point it will start looking for more of that item and then bring it back to the players. This means that the Allay is essentially a treasure-seeking mob that players can enjoy as both a fun friend and a useful ally.

The little flying creature has only 20 HP but fortunately it cannot be harmed by its owners once players give it an item for the first time. They can be damaged by other creatures, so players should be careful and keep an eye on their precious friend, but Allays also regenerate two HP per second when damaged, making them easier to keep alive than most of the other mobs.

Raising Allay

Just like you can’t tame an Allay the traditional way, you also can’t raise them like you can other Mobs. To get more Allays is not like raising frogs.

However, the best thing about this is the fact that you don’t need 2 Allays to make more. You will simply need only one.

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