How do you tame a vex?

Vexes in Minecraft don’t drop anything good except some experience when killed, so it’s not recommended to mess with them. However, you can kill Evoker remotely using ranged weapons and he will drop an Immortal Totem on you, which is hands down the best drop you can get.

How to catch a vex in Minecraft?

Vex in Minecraft cannot be captured under any circumstances, but they can be trapped using many boats.

Allays also have useful features that can help players on their Minecraft expeditions. The Allay will wander aimlessly until players give it an item, at which point it will start looking for more of that item and then bring it back to the players. This means that the Allay is essentially a treasure-seeking mob that players can enjoy as both a fun friend and a useful ally.

The little flying creature has only 20 HP but fortunately it cannot be harmed by its owners once players give it an item for the first time. They can be damaged by other creatures, so players should be careful and keep an eye on their precious friend, but Allays also regenerate two HP per second when damaged, making them easier to keep alive than most of the other mobs.

What does Allay do in Minecraft?

Allays are friendly mobs featured in wild updates. It looks similar to Vex and flies soft in the air. One of the most distinctive features is that by passing an item to the array, it will look for the same item as the passed item and deliver it to the player.

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With this feature, you can expect a wide range of tasks, from small collections like harvesting seedlings during felling to some automation equipment.


The Allay is a relatively recently added mob compared to vex. Unlike Vex, Allays are cheerful, friendly, passive mobs that offer a lot of help to players. Their primary ability is to collect items given to them by a player and deliver dropped versions of that item to a pre-designated location, either to the same player or to a repeatedly playing notepad that is within hearing range of the allay.

Allies spawn at two locations within the Overworld. The first of these is shared with the Vex: Woodland Mansions. Allies can roam the prison cells assigned to them in these grand mansions. Each cell contains a minimum of one, with a maximum of three alleys. They can be spotted quite clearly due to their bright blue color.

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