How do you tame a creeper?

The materials needed to make the Gunpowercreeper farm in Minecraft are cobblestones, trapdoors, 2 buckets of water, torches, 2 bonfires, 2 hoppers, 2 chests and 28 carpets and cats. After collecting all resources, you can follow these steps:

Make the layout like below image with pebbles (2 layers high). The vertical is 13 blocks and the horizontal is 5 blocks on each side. In the middle, two walls, leaving 6 blocks of space.

How to create a charged Creeper?

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Charged vines only spawn when lightning strikes within 4 blocks of a vine. This will very rarely happen during a thunderstorm in the Overworld. The chance of this happening is very small and so players can follow these three guaranteed ways to spawn them:

Break line of sight from creeper

Like other hostile mobs in the game, creepers will start approaching a player to attack them only when they are seen. Whereas creepers will only trigger their explosion when they are close to the player, players can use this to their advantage by simply breaking a vine’s line of sight. By hiding from vines unseen, players can potentially kill vines from behind them stealthily. This will make things easier for the player and effectively defeat the creeper from afar.

Some players are unaware that creepers are afraid of cats. Generally, creepers can spawn anywhere in the overworld if the light level is 0. But through the use of cats, even newly spawned creepers will automatically run away as soon as they get close to even a single cat in the area. Using this game mechanic to the advantage of a player’s survival, keeping cats as pets and using them to fight creepers can allow players to defeat them without much effort. And luckily, since the cats will also provide players with gifts in the morning when they get out of bed, keeping the cats around your base will be a win-win scenario to provide for the player and keep the creepy baddies at bay.

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Build a moat around your base.

Moats are a great option when trying to keep the Creepers away. You can put water or lava on the bottom, or you can turn it into a mob farm. This way you can actually get items from them that fall into the hole. You have to be careful not to fall, but it’s a great option to keep mobs away from the main area of ​​your base.

If you put lava inside, you will destroy all items of defeated Creepers and mobs, so if you don’t care about monster materials, go ahead and put lava inside. You can also make the moat very beautiful if you are building a castle.

Step 5: Add the final details to your drawing of the Creeper

This step of our guide on how to draw a Creeper will be about finishing some of the finer details to complete it.

To do this, we’ll first add a small grid pattern near the base of the feet. This can be done by drawing six small squares at the bottom of each foot for this grid pattern.

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