How do you stop flying in Minecraft?

One of the games that, in its different versions, has marked a before and after in survival and world-creation games is undoubtedly Minecraft. But even if we spend many hours glued to this visual entertainment, we would not know how to perform some skills. Today we want to teach you how to fly or stop flying in Minecraft in creative and survival mode.

How to fly or stop flying in Minecraft in Creative and Survival mode

Fly through Minecraft Creative or Spectator Mode

Minecraft Singleplayer Maps or Minecraft Realms with Spectator or Creative mode allows players to fly naturally. So, follow these steps to fly in Minecraft in Creative or Spectator mode:

  1. Take off, for example, start flying like this:
    • In Java Edition (PC and Mac), Education Edition, and Windows 10 Edition, press the Space key on your keyboard twice (quickly).
    • On PlayStation, press the X button on your joystick twice (quickly).
    • For Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Wii U, press the A button on your controller twice (quickly).
    • In Pocket Edition (PE), tap the JUMP button twice (quickly).
  2. Fly higher by pressing the following buttons:
    • For Java Edition (Mac and PC), Education Edition, Windows 10 Edition, Wii U and Nintendo Switch, controls are identical to above.
    • For PlayStation, press up on the D-Pad or press and hold the A button on the joystick.
    • On Xbox, press the D-Pad up or hold the X button on the joystick.
    • In Pocket Edition (PE), tap and hold the UP button.
  3. Fly lower like this:
    1. On PlayStation and Xbox, hold down the D-Pad.
    2. For Nintendo Switch and Wii U, press and hold the down arrow on the gamepad.
    3. In Pocket Edition (PE), tap and hold the LOWER button.
    4. For Java Edition (PC/Mac), Education Edition, and Windows 10 Edition, hold down the Shift key on your keyboard.
  4. Land, for example, stop flying using these buttons:
    1. For Xbox, PlayStation, Java Edition (PC/Mac), Education Edition, Windows 10 Edition, Nintendo Switch and Wii U, the controls are identical to those for beginning to fly.
    2. In Pocket Edition (PE), tap the STOP button on the screen twice (quickly).
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How to Enable Flying in Minecraft on Mac, Windows, and Chromebook

All new players are eager to learn how to fly in Minecraft, which is why it’s crucial to know how to enable it in each mode.

For example, in Creative mode, you can start flying as soon as you start building your world. If your Minecraft world is already in Creative mode, all you need to do is double tap the space key to levitate and double tap to lower.

Elytras – How to fly with elytra

Elytras are comparable to the wings of fairies. However, they are strapped in like some kind of armor. They allow you to float instead of fly. Only limited though, because after a while they fray and become useless. Also, elytron wings are terribly rare and only found in final settlements (on the final ship, in a frame).

Elytren Tips By the way, with Elytras you can also fly underwater! In combination with fireworks you can create a turbo flight.

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