How do you protect villagers from Pillagers?

When a looting raid starts, neighboring villagers will run to the nearest bell to warn each other. So they will run indoors for protection. Multiple waves of Raids will occur, becoming progressively more difficult.

To stay safe during a raid, some suggestions are to climb to higher ground with a bow and arrow or create more Iron Golems, all of which will come to defend a village. Once a Raid has started, there is no stopping it.

Defend a village from a Minecraft raid

First, you should wrap a village in walls. The screenshot below shows my nearby village which I’ve changed completely. Making the village smaller and more compact means that Looters are less likely to spawn inside and is much easier to defend.

Using basic walls is enough, mobs can’t climb over them, but they can still shoot. This is the first way to stop them from killing your villagers. Just make sure there are no connected blocks that allow them to jump.

How to Start a Looters Raid in Minecraft

Starting a Looters trade is not a difficult task. You will need a few things before you can start the raid. First of all you will need a village and a looter outpost. Once both of these structures are located, we can now begin the Raid. Also, as a side note, make sure you’re equipped with decent armor as these Raids are unforgiving.

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Why protect the village in Minecraft?

If you leave the village as it is, the villagers will clean up. Zombies, which are a kind of monster, has the feature of attacking villagers, and if there is no countermeasure, the zombies will kill them and die. Therefore, when you find a village, you must take measures to prevent the inhabitants from dying. There are a few things you can do to protect villagers in Minecraft.

Light up the village

How to defend a village from a raid of looters in Minecraft

To defend a village, start by finding a bell in your village and ring it to let it in your villagers in their homes. If they don’t fit, try changing the time in Minecraft to night with /time set to night.

Be careful doing this as monsters will most likely appear, so you’ll need to defend your villagers as they’re heading inland. But hopefully your villages will enter as usual if you ring the bell in the village.

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