How do you make a corrupt biome?

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Before moving forward to stop and remove the corruption biome in Terraria, you will need to make sure your home is safe while you are away. To do this, simply dig 2-5 Hellevator blocks on both sides of the house. This way you will prevent your home from being infected. This is because blocks are immune to the effect of evil biomes. After saving your home from the infection, let’s see how you can stop the Corruption from spreading in your world.



The Corruption biome is dangerous but can be fun if you watch how it spreads. Diffusion usually starts slowly during “pre-Hardmode”, the speed doubles after “Hardmode” is activated. Once you are in “Hardmode”, you need to control how the Corruption biome spread over it will spread throughout your world. If you want to get rid of the Corruption biome in your world, you can use the Clentaminator or Purification Powder.

However, you should start the process early in the game (pre-Hardmode) before the spread gets too aggressive. If you don’t want to get rid of all the Corruption biome, you should select a Corruption zone and dig holes and fill them with non-corruptible items to keep it contained. You should make sure you fill all the holes near or in the Corruption to avoid falling into it. Falling into a hole in a Corruption zone is always fatal due to falling damage.


Once you reach Hardmode, make sure you are fully equipped before attempting to tackle the anti-spreading task. You can do this by breaking altars, but if you’re unlucky, this could further advance the spread. Holy water can be an ineffective emergency solution. Sunflowers and other incorruptible grass tiles (like wood) can block the spread on the surface of the world.

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The most foolproof option is Steampunker’s Clentaminator. This NPC requires players to kill a mechanical boss. This amazing spray can quickly and effectively clean many tiles. Make sure you have the correct solution¬†and have a quarantine plan in place to prevent tiles from being corrupted again. For example, you can replace Corruption or Crimson tiles with Hallow tiles, as they cannot be corrupted.

Corruption vs. Crimson

Comparison between the biomes of Corruption and Crimson

Crimson is generally considered by players to be harder than Corruption, but it also drops more powerful items.

Enemies in a biome of corruption

The biome of corruption spawns different enemies depending on the current state of the game. Therefore, Hardmode mobs will differ from Pre-Hardmode variants. The desert biome also tends to spawn unique creatures depending on the weather and spawn rate. Here are all the corrupted enemies present in the corruption biome.

  • Pre-Hardmode
    • Eater of souls
    • Corrupted Goldfish
    • Devourer
    • Eater of Worlds (Boss)
  • Hard mode
    • Corruptor
    • Corrupted slime
    • Slimeling (spawns from corrupted slime)
    • Shadow Slime (old generation consoles and 3DS versions)
    • Thinner
    • World Eater
  • Corrupted Desert
    • Dark Mummy
    • Shadow Mummy (old generation consoles and 3DS versions)

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