How do you hide from the warden in Minecraft?

Where to find the Keeper in Minecraft

The Guardian can only be found within the Deep Dark biome located anywhere below level y zero. Guardians don’t just roam the biome, but are instead summoned by noisy activity within the region.

Don’t make noise

By now, most gamers should know that they should keep quiet when dealing with the guardian in Minecraft 1.19 . Since he is completely blind, the one thing the Guardian is extremely good at is hearing sound. Because even if the guardian is blind, he can navigate towards the player as soon as he feels the slightest movement.

The guardian’s rage level also increases every time he hears the player. So for this reason, players need to be in a crouch or sneak position most of the time to avoid making any noises that might attract the guardian. Any action, including eating foods, mining rocks, putting on and taking off items, sprinting, and more, can alert the Guardian to your location, so be careful.

Sonic Shriek

This is one of the most annoying and terrifying skills to deal with. While his main source of damage is his punches, he can use a Sonic Shriek which has a long range and deals the same amount of damage as his melee combat. However, if you get hit, you will be knocked back 5 blocks, so you may take more damage if you fall from a high point.

But that’s not all. This attack also goes through all kinds of blocks – yes, it goes through Bedrock too. Even if you build some blocks or hide behind some, you will get hit if The Warden focuses this attack on you. However, what is interesting is that this attack only affects one mob at a time. So if you’re with a friend, only one of you will take the damage while the other can still attack him.

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