How do you get to the backroom in Minecraft?

What are The Backrooms in Minecraft?

download the backroom entity

In this article, we will not only show you how to enter “The Backrooms” in Minecraft, we will also tell you how it all started and its different levels. If you just want to download the mod for Minecraft Java or for the Bedrock version go to the end of the article.

The backrooms in Minecraft is a creepypasta from the website 4chan that became real, where you will find mazes of empty rooms, organized in three levels.

The first level is called, level 0 or vestibule level. On this level you will find rooms with carpeted floors and monochromatic yellow walls that stretch through an endless series of interconnected rooms, creating mazes.

Be careful on this level 0, as most of the time you will find empty rooms, however this is the level of the entity known as the Hound, a hostile being that is utterly terrifying.

The second level is known as Level 1 or Habitable Zone. This level is only found after going through the labyrinth for several days, where the texture changes to one more similar to an industrial factory, with fog, darkness and lights that flicker all the time.

The third and last level is known as level 2 or Pipe Dreams. This is a level marked by low visibility, with endless tunnels and pipes.

download the backroom mod

MOD THE BACKROOMS Minecraft Java 1.16.3

download mod minecraft the backrooms 1.16

To enter the dimension known as The Backrooms, in this mod you must die first, but die suffocated (Suffocated in a wall) and have a bed nearby. In short, to enter The backrooms put blocks around you until you can’t see any light and wait until the screen becomes dark and your hearts start to go down.

THE BACKROOMS map for MINECRAFT Bedrock Edition 1.18

Here you can download two different maps of THE BACKROOMS for MINECRAFT Bedrock Edition 1.18. Be careful with the entities you find in both maps, they are all hostile.

1-Map number one The Backrooms

download Backroom map 1.18

2- Map number Two The Backrooms

download second backroom map

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