How do you get seed 0 in Minecraft?

Entering the seed 0, the seed blocked by Mojang

In this article we will explain you how to enter a forbidden seed in Minecraft, the seed that Mojang blocked, the famous and mysterious 0 seed.

This seed was blocked by Mojang because its internal values could be fatal for Minecraft, even when you manage to enter it, as we will explain here, you will notice a serious problem in the generation of the terrain.

seed 0 how to find seed zero

This warning is because the developers of Minecraft do not want us to enter this world, they do not want us to enter and discover what is inside this seed, such as the infinite generation of the terrain.

How to enter the 0 seed in Minecraft?

If you have already tried to enter seed 0, simply by entering the number zero when creating the world, you will see that you will actually end up in seed 48. You know this if you enter the command “/seed“.

This happens because Minecraft is reading that zero that you enter, in ASCII format and interprets it as the number 48 and not as the number 0. This is done by Mojang to block you from accessing the zero seed.

To enter the zero seed, in the option to enter the seed for the generation of the world you must type the following: ddnqavbj

ddnqavbj seed 0 minecraft

When you enter these alphabetic characters, Minecraft interprets them as numbers through the ASCII language so you will be redirected to seed 0. Enter the command “/seed” to visualize which seed you are in and see for yourself.

You will immediately emerge on a seed with a large X in its center.

seed minecraft zero 0

But the above is not the only formula that is interpreted by Minecraft as the number zero, if you enter the characters 166lr735ka3q6 the system will also interpret it as a zero and send you to the 0 seed immediately.

You will also be sent to the zero seed if you enter any of the following three:

  • creashaks organize
  • pollinating sandboxes
  • drumwood boulderhead

Inserting the zero at the X coordinate – Generating the infinite seed

The 107038380838084 seed breaks minecraft in interesting ways. It generates infinite mineshafts, caves, etc. This happens because Java’s Random() function returns zero with this seed and then Minecraft breaks in interesting ways.

On the world generation screen you must enter the seed 107038380838084 to enter the 0 inside the x-axis. This will generate a generation bubble, which will create a world that repeats infinitely in the same pattern. You will notice this by going into the depths of minecraft.

seed 0 infinite minecraft

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