How do you get infinite obsidian with one bucket of lava?

Obsidian farms are good, but obsidian generators automate the drenching process. Once the generator starts running, you can leave it alone until the chests fill up. Here are the materials you need.

  • Four chests
  • Two hoppers
  • A dispenser
  • Redstone Dust
  • Three trapdoors
  • A block of stairs
  • Two Redstone Torches
  • A Redstone comparator
  • Buckets for water
  • Lava Buckets

How to make obsidian in Minecraft

To make obsidian, you need lava and water. The easiest way to do this is by finding a pool of lava in the underworld or underground caves. Alternatively, if you already have access to a Nether portal, you can take empty buckets and fill them with lava. If you use buckets of water on lava, it won’t work. Instead, the water will not appear at all and you will lose your water.

Minecraft infinite lava

There is a trick that allows you to make water an infinite and renewable resource. This also worked for lava, but the nature of the block has changed. Lava is no longer a renewable resource. That said, given the new blocks introduced in recent Minecraft updates, there are ways to get infinite lava in Minecraft.

To get infinite lava in Minecraft you need the following;

Steps to create obsidian blocks

  1. Place 1 or more lava source blocks
  2. Empty a bucket of water nearby, but not on top of any source blocks of lava
  3. After the flowing water turns the lava source blocks into obsidian, collect the water source block in your bucket
  4. Mine your obsidian with a pickaxe of diamond or netherite to collect it
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If you don’t have a Diamond or Netherite pickaxe and you still want to use obsidian to create a Nether Portal, you can. You just have to create each block with the steps mentioned above. Make sure you contain each source block of lava securely in Cobblestone before attempting to pour running water over it. A Nether Portal needs to be 4 blocks long and 5 blocks high, however, it doesn’t need to have corners. As such, you can create a Nether Portal with as little as 10 Obsidian.

/give @a minecraft:lava_bucket 64

You should now have a stack of lava buckets in your inventory. Simply repeat this command as needed, and you’ll have enough lava for any amount of melting.

Having an endless source of lava in a survival world is a big help, especially when you want to smelt a bunch of stone blocks for a big building project. Hopefully, with this tutorial, you’ll have your own infinite lava farm up and running in no time.

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