How do you fix a kicked client?

Right-click your network icon and click Open Internet and Network Settings.

Select the Network and Sharing Center option in Settings.

Using a cheat engine or editing software

This issue can also occur if you have previously attempted to use a Roblox cheat engine. Chances are a recent update crashed your game if you did. If this is the case, removing the cheat app and then reinstalling Roblox should fix the issue.

If you’re having difficulty doing this on Xbox One, it’s most likely that the problem is due to a file integrity issue. In this situation, you will need to manually reinstall the game to fix the issue.

Disable 3rd party extensions

Some extensions can cause problems with Roblox, so make sure you disable them if you have any.

In case you have some cheat software running while the game is open, you will most likely get this error. Whatever exploiting software is running with it, be sure to close it or better yet uninstall it.

Method: Check Roblox server status

When Roblox server is down, it can automatically kick some players. You can check the current status of Roblox via their website, blog, social media account, news update or DownDetector. If the server goes down, there’s nothing you can do but wait.

Another possible reason why you got kicked from Roblox is unreliable network connection. Take a speed test and see if you have reliable internet speed to access Roblox. You can improve your network connection by elevating your router or turning your device off and on again. If there is an alternative network connection, you can switch to it.

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What causes the error message “You were kicked due to unexpected client behavior”?

If you see the error message in question, don’t assume that someone intentionally kicked you. Instead, there are many reasons that can cause this problem. Sometimes, the problem is nobody’s fault, it’s just that the ROBLOX server is under maintenance and the only thing you can do is wait for the process to complete. We discussed this reason later in this article.

Other reasons include corrupted game files or a third party app interfering with your program. We’ll see what you need to do in both cases. But sometimes, the problem is your fault. If you are using an interfering cheat engine or exploit software, you will be kicked from the game and sometimes even blacklisted.

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