How do you find deep dark?


The Deep Dark biome is a rare underground area that houses the Warden, various Sculk blocks, and mysterious ancient cities filled with valuable loot. Some loot is exclusive to ancient cities found in the Deep Dark biome, including books of quick spells and fragments of music records.

Where is Deep Dark Biome in Minecraft?

You will need to complete several steps to reach the Deep Dark Biome, depending on whether you play the Java or Bedrock edition of Minecraft.

Deep Dark Biome is below level 0 of the Y axis and to find it in Java Minecraft, you will have to open the coordinates by pressing the F3 key. When you’re near the biome, you’ll notice a block of Deepslate in the shape of a large, deep ravine. This is the entrance to the biome.

Where to find Deep Dark biome in Minecraft

To find the location of Deep Dark biome in Minecraft Overworld, you have to go deep underground. Specifically, Deep Dark is below the Y coordinate level 0. Usually, if you found Deepslate blocks in the shape of a vast ravine, it indicates that you are close to the biome.

The Deep Dark Biome only spawns underground and where erosion is low. You can find Deep Dark under biomes like mountains, but it can be a bit rare. They only spawn below Y=0, so you’ll need to dig deep enough to even have a chance of finding one. The fact that Deep Dark is rare will also make it difficult to find, so like the Ender Portal, you’ll just have to keep looking to find it.

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The Ancient City is exactly as its name sounds, an old city that has rare loot to be found. You can find Deep Slate and sculk here. There are typically treasure chests to loot, so you’ll want to have plenty of room in your inventory to go when looting the city. You should also be wary of enemies, especially The Warden, who prowls in the pitch darkness.

Where to find deep dark biome in Minecraft?

  • You will find the Deep Dark Biome below level Y 0.
  • To get a survey of your level Y, you will have to open the coordinates by pressing the F3 key (in the Java edition).
  • You can open coordinates in other editions of Minecraft by going to the world options menu and enabling coordinates.
  • Once you are below Y level 0, you will be able to find the Deep Dark Biome.

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