How do you duplicate allays?

Minecraft Live 2021 is coming and with it are teasing new features for fans to vote on. The second mob teased is Minecraft’s allay mob, which can help you automatically grab items for you.

Fixed bugs in the first version 1.19.1

  • MC-249973 – Loading of resource packs is noticeably slower in version 1.19
  • MC-252327 – Unable to load world list after restarting the game and deleting a world
  • MC-252508 – Missing language string for Realms worldgen type
  • MC-253055 – Resource packs causing each WeighedSoundEvents to duplicate sounds
  • MC-253102 – Chat reports use “Messages” for a message
  • MC-253105 — Chat report category scrollbar intersects the outline of the selected option
  • MC-253108 – The select boxes inside the “Select report category” menu are not vertically centered with the text inside them
  • MC-253109 – Report category descriptions may overlap the “Description:” sub-heading
  • MC-253110 – Text inside message “Delete report and comments?” the menu is not horizontally centered
  • MC-253111 – Cannot use CTRL+HOME or CTRL+END to move to the beginning or end of text within the “Report chat” menu
  • MC-253113 – Chat message content can extend beyond the outline of a button and beyond the scrollbar
  • MC-253123 – The button inside the “Submit report” menu changes when the game window is resized
  • MC-253126 – The scrollbar within the “Select chat messages to report” menu sometimes resets its position to the bottom of the list after scrolling up
  • MC-253127 – Reason is not provided when chat report creation cannot be started
  • MC-253134 – Allies from previous worlds do not duplicate
  • MC-253176 – The character indicator symbol inside the “Report chat” menu is not translatable
  • MC-253178 – The word “Nonconsensual” is written as “Nonconsensual” inside the string “gui.abuseReport.reason.non_consensual_intimate_imagery”
  • MC-253183 – The word “Unrelated” inside the string “gui.chatSelection.fold” is capitalized incorrectly
  • MC-253185 – The ESC key cannot be used to exit the “Send report” menu
  • MC-253191 – Particles produced by duplicating allays cannot be seen by other players
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How does Allay Duplication work in Minecraft?

Allay is the first mob in Minecraft capable of creating an identical copy of itself. Most other mobs create a baby variant of themselves, which eventually grows into an adult. However, alleys can multiply by making exact copies of themselves.

Allays are melophilic spirits in Minecraft who enjoy listening to music played from jukeboxes and notepads. To duplicate an allay, players will need the following items:

How to breed an allay in Minecraft

Unlike other mobs like flower-loving bees or the unique and varied axolotls, allay technically not “procreate”. Instead, giving an amethyst shard to an allay while it’s dancing will cause it to double. Only one ally is ever needed to spawn more. However, players will also need a jukebox, as well as a music record, to get the band dancing. There will also be a cooldown after duplicating. The player is forced to wait some time before it is possible to duplicate the same alley a second time. If you want a good reason to search every music record you can find, placate duplication provides a fantastic excuse to do so!

Minecraft is available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo and mobile devices.

How does Allay Duplication work in Minecraft?

Allay is the first mob in Minecraft to have the ability to duplicate itself. Most other mobs create a child version of themselves that matures into an adult. Allays, on the other hand, can reproduce by making identical copies of themselves.

In Minecraft, allays are melophilic ghosts who enjoy listening to music played from jukeboxes and notepads. The following components are required to play an allay:

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