How do you delete a bedrock world in Minecraft?

Playing Minecraft is one of the best ways to kill time, considering all the wide variety of things you can do alone or with a group of friends in a world, but in this article we’ll take a look at how exactly you can delete a world in Minecraft, either to start over or just to conserve memory. Be sure to follow closely for best results! Well, let’s get into it.

Regardless of the platform you’re playing Minecraft on, the first thing you need to do is go to the Minecraft main menu screen. In case you are already loaded into a world, click the options button and select exit for the main menu.

How to delete multiple worlds at once! {Minecraft BEDROCK EDITION}

How do I delete worlds in Minecraft?

To delete a world in Minecraft, you need to open the world folder. It is located in the “saves” folder in the Minecraft directory. After opening the world folder, delete the world files and folders.

How to delete worlds in Minecraft

Deleting your world in Minecraft is pretty simple. In Bedrock Edition, you can do this by opening the game and accessing the world list page. Find the world you want and click the pencil icon on the right. This will open the editing settings for that world. Go to the Game Settings section and scroll to the bottom. Click Delete World.

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Make sure you want to go through with it. Unless you have created a copy of the world, you will lose it forever. This might be something you really want to do if your game is running slow on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, or Xbox in particular.

What to do when your Minecraft world is deleted

One of the problems with this particular question is that over the past nine years, Minecraft has gone through countless versions and spin-offs, and the original build-focused version of the game ported to every hardware platform that couldn’t run fast enough.

Trying to get an answer from the internet to even a seemingly simple Minecraft question can mean wading through years of outdated, irrelevant, or counterintuitive information.

How to manually backup Minecraft Worlds on Windows:

  1. Press Windows key + R to open Run.
  2. Type %appdata% and press Enter.
  1. Go to .minecraft.

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