How do you claim a cape in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, players can claim a cape by purchasing one from the Minecraft Marketplace, redeeming a code from a special edition of the game or from a physical good, or by earning one through an event or promotion.

Here are the steps to claim a cape in Minecraft:

  1. Go to the Minecraft Marketplace on the Minecraft game client or the official Minecraft website.
  2. Search for and purchase the cape that you want.
  3. Once the purchase is complete, the cape will be automatically added to your character’s wardrobe.
  4. To equip the cape, open the settings menu in-game and go to the “Skin Customization” option.
  5. Select the cape that you want to wear and it will be displayed on your character.

If you have a code from a special edition of the game or from a physical good, you can redeem the code on the official Minecraft website. Once the code is redeemed, the cape will be added to your account and you can follow the same steps to equip it.

It’s also important to mention that only Java edition of Minecraft allows to have a cape and in the Bedrock edition is not possible to have a cape.

Can you use Optifine Capes in Minecraft Bedrock?

Unfortunately, Optifine is not available for the Bedrock Edition due to how two game versions work. Optifine is coded to work in Java and most of its optimization is aimed at Java gamers. Bedrock Edition has most of the standard optimizations built into the game. Mojang’s RTX mode boosts graphics quality above what Optifine can achieve for the Java Edition.

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Optifine for Bedrock analogues advertised online generally do not work or provide a limited range of options. They also do not come with the cloak you receive for getting the original Optifine mod as their separate products.

How to get a cape in Minecraft Java

Recently, the Minecraft developers issued a warning for Java Edition players. All Mojang accounts need to be migrated to Microsoft accounts. This requirement is related to security reasons and is mandatory, although the exact date of the end of the migration period is not yet known. If a player fails to move the account, he will no longer be able to play the Java Edition.

Thankfully, this process doesn’t change anything about the game. Additionally, each player receives a free cape for his or her efforts. Here’s how to move your Mojang account to Microsoft:


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