How do you breed zoglin?

  • They are the most evil of all hostile mobs.
  • They are ruthless and sadistic.
  • Both zoglin and baby zoglin are very hostile and aggressive.
  • They tend to attack all other mobs and players except creepers and other zoglin.
  • An adult zoglin attacks and throws the entity into the air.
  • Even if the player tries to block the attack using a shield, it could be thrown.
  • Children also have the ability to attack with full force, but are unable to throw the entity.
  • Small zoglins usually attack small piglets.
  • Zoglins cannot reproduce and never escape from a hoglin’s repel block.

Can you tame Zoglins in Minecraft?


Hoglins are mobs that spawn in small herds around biomes where they are available, with many potentially congregating in certain areas. They come in child and adult forms, both of which are very similar in appearance. Hoglins look like boars, even attacking with their tusks. Little ones are more afraid to attack than big ones.

While Hoglins have some interesting drops, they are lost when they transform into Zoglins. Their skin drops and pork chop are replaced with rotten meat instead. Basically, the Hoglin is more fruitful to beat, while the Zoglin pose a greater danger. That danger will come from the behavior and traits we describe below.

How to breed Hoglins in Minecraft?

Despite the fact that hoglins are aggressive creatures, the opportunity to breed them is still present. And you can implement your plan using a crimson mushroom. It should only be noted that no resources can be obtained from hoglins puppies. And this also applies to experience.

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How to Tame an Enderman in Minecraft

More websites claim you can tame or pet an enderman, but that’s not possible in survival mode. However, there are various mods available with which you can change the game. Then you can download them to tame an enderman in Minecraft. There are also some tricks to taming an enderman without mods or cheats, so let’s try those tricks.

When we stare at the enderman, he comes to kill us. If we are in survival mode, we may have to hide in many places to be safe and control the enderman. Sometimes, we can control an enderman if we hide under a tree that can’t see us. However, this trick rarely works.

Location and spawning

Zoglins are not spawned naturally and only appear when a Hoglin is present in the Overworld or the End dimension for more than 15 seconds.

When transformed, they gain the Nausea effect. Therefore, to obtain a Zoglin, players must carry a Hoglin in this size.

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