How do I restore my old Minecraft?

Unfortunately, there is no way to restore a deleted world in Minecraft PE or the console version of Minecraft (Bedrock Edition) if you haven’t made a backup of your Minecraft world folders. However, if the save file has simply been corrupted, the game will automatically attempt to recover and repair the file.

The safest option with any type of data is to make sure it is backed up to a separate location (or a few locations). Fortunately, backing up your Minecraft world is easy, and many applications (including Windows) will do this for you automatically if you take the time to set it up.

How to recover a deleted Minecraft world

To make sure you can recover your Minecraft worlds easily, make sure you back up your worlds. In Bedrock Edition, select the pencil edit button next to the world in the main menu. Go to Game and scroll down to Copy World. This will ensure that you can always go back to that copied version if your original file becomes damaged or deleted. For Java Edition, simply copy the folder for the world to your PC or drive.

If you haven’t created a backup version of your Minecraft world, things are much more complicated. Worlds are stored locally on your device, so if you delete them from your console or PC, they can be difficult to recover. If you are on PC, you can try the following process:

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Solutions to restore lost or deleted Minecraft worlds on Windows 10

Method 1

All your Minecraft worlds are saved on the your hard drive. The problem is that they are stored in a hidden folder in separate subfolders. So, to access your game saves, you first need to access the Minecraft hidden folder.

What to do when your Minecraft world is deleted

One of the problems with this particular question is that over the past nine years, Minecraft has gone through countless versions and spin-offs, and the original build-focused version of the game ported to every hardware platform that couldn’t run fast enough.

Trying to get an answer from the internet to even a seemingly simple Minecraft question can mean wading through years of outdated, irrelevant, or counterintuitive information.

1] Open the Run Dialog

To begin, you will be prompted to launch the Run window, which will appear in the lower left corner of your computer screen .

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