How do I rescue allay?

To get an Ally in Minecraft, you will need to find a Pillager Outpost or a Woodland Mansion. These are both randomly generated structures that can be found in your world. Once you spot an Alley, you need to give it an item and it will follow you until you get the item back!

There is no guarantee that you will have a Pillage Outpost or Woodland Palace nearby where you can be in Allay. Your best bet is to start with a 1.19 seed that already has a spawn nearby, which will give you easy access to one of Allay’s spawn locations.


An Allay in Minecraft is a blue passive flying mob. However, it is among the friendliest mobs in the world which is further expressed by their cheerful demeanor. These mobs can come in handy in some dangerous places as they can offer players blocks in exchange for goods.

Alleyways are most frequently found around looter outposts and woodland mansions. Those at Pillager’s outpost are usually found inside dark oak cages, spawning in groups of one to three.

How to find and tame Minecraft Allay?

Allay can be found in two different areas of Allay Island. Both areas, on the other hand, are conceptually connected to each other. Their cages are made of dark wood and are found in groups of one to three people and come in different sizes.

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How to use Allay in Minecraft?

You can create automatic sorting systems to collect similar items in the same area or around the chest. An Allay can also make the harvesting system on farms automatic and much faster without using complex Redstone mechanics.

Since Allays can hold up to 64 copies of a stackable item at a time, players can use it as a portable storage option. Allies in a party can gather items for you quickly after a blast or mob kill. You can also use Allay to find lost or accidentally dropped items inside loaded pieces of wood. But you must carry a duplicate copy of that lost item with you.

Where to find Allay in Minecraft – How to tame Allay?

As you may know, you can tame some passive mobs in the game like cats, dogs, sheep and chickens. However, an Allay is a slippery creature that doesn’t seem to want to be tamed. This mob was introduced to Minecraft in the 2021 Minecraft Live event where players voted to have the creature in the game.

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