How do I remove 268?

Some ISPs allow users to get a new IP address when the router restarts, which is the “trick” we’ll use to bypass the restriction placed on your account by the server. If you are not permanently banned from the server, joining with a new IP will allow you to connect to it without problems.

For this, you will be prompted to restart your router and log back into the game.

How to fix “You were kicked due to unexpected client behavior” in Roblox

To fix “You were kicked due to unexpected client behavior” in Roblox, you need to open the Roblox folder.

Once you are in the Roblox folder, you need to delete 3 files.

Roblox Error Code 268

This error comes with a message, “You were kicked due to unexpected client behavior.” As mentioned above, despite the account behavior, this error randomly attacks any Roblox account. However, the solution to this error is quite easy and simple. Just follow the steps given below to fix this error permanently:

  1. Open Run by searching for it from the Windows search bar.
  2. Type “%LocalAppData%” and press Enter. A new window will open where all local files are stored.
  3. Find the Roblox folder and open it.
  4. In the Roblox folder, find GlobalBasicSettings_13 and GlobalSettings_13.xml and delete them. If one of these files is present, delete it as well.
  5. Once these files are deleted, try launching Roblox and see if this error gets cleared or not.
  6. If not, restart your PC and try again.
  7. If you still get this error, please reinstall Roblox and try again.
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What to do with Roblox error code 268?

Unfortunately, there is no permanent fix for this problem yet because there is no precise cause for this error. However, many players have listed different types of fixes for other users who are facing this problem to try. In most cases, the error is resolved by the solutions outlined below, but there are instances when the error still occurs. If so, refer to this guide for further troubleshooting.

The first thing you need to do before fixing this error is to confirm if the problem is due to a problem with the Roblox game servers. Before you can apply any fixes, check the Roblox server status by logging into one of these two services:

Disable 3rd party extensions

Some extensions may cause problems with Roblox, so make sure you disable them if you have any.

In case you have some cheat software running while the game is open, you will most likely get this error. Whatever exploiting software is running with it, be sure to close it or better yet uninstall it.

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