How do I fix error status 0xc0000020?

: Installing a clean copy of Windows would result in data loss. Make sure you back up your data first, before opting for a clean install.

To perform a clean install of Windows, you need to:

What causes error code 0xc0000020 on your computer?

After dealing with several iterations of this bug on our test systems, we’ve come to the conclusion that the following must be the most crucial triggers behind the problem.

  • Outdated Windows: In some cases, it might happen that your Windows installation is outdated and this can sometimes trigger the error message on your computer. Therefore, by following the steps below, you should be able to update Windows to the latest version which should, in turn, fix the problem.
  • Corrupted system files: If error code 0xc0000020 is triggered while trying to run an application, then it is very likely that some drivers or system files have been corrupted due to malware or due to general errors of storage. Therefore, repairing those files using the methods listed below should help get rid of the problem.
  • DLL Files: Some DLL files may not be registered on your computer which can sometimes cause this issue to trigger. Therefore, we suggest that you try to register them on your computer and check if doing so solves the problem.
  • Recent Windows Update: Some Windows updates may be buggy or glitchy, which may lead to disruption of some system operations. If this is the case with you, then you can easily remove the latest update from your computer using the steps given below to get rid of error code 0xc0000020 on your computer.
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Why do I get error status 0xc0000020 when I start Outlook?

So, what does the error status 0xc0000020 mean?

The error status 0xc0000020 clearly indicates that the app (Outlook), which you were trying to launch, has been corrupted or damaged. It might also emerge when some system files are lost or if the Windows image is outdated.

Reinstall Windows 11

If the problem persists and you rely on Teams for work or school, reinstall the operating system. Most likely, something went wrong during the update process. Some files may have been corrupted or your computer could not install them. Reinstalling the operating system should help fix the problem.

Don’t forget to uninstall Teams before downgrading to Windows 10. To go back to Windows 10, go to Settings, select Update & Security, and click Recovery. Then click Go back to Windows 10 and confirm your choice.

5] Run the Windows Fresh Start or Reset this PC process.

Back up your data externally and then run Fresh Start. Available in the Windows Security app, Fresh Start does the following:

  1. keep all your data,
  2. remove all third-party apps,
  3. forces Windows 10 updates to the latest version.

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