How do I fix error code 264?

The most unlikely but still very dangerous scenario is that someone has managed to access your account and can now play without your permission or worse.

This is why, as a first solution to this problem, we recommend changing your password and then logging out of your account from all other devices besides the one you are currently using.

How do I fix Roblox error code 264?

Fixing error 264 is not as complicated as it seems. We have come up with various solutions to identify and fix the problem in no time.

The error is more likely to occur when you try to access Roblox from more than one device. This often happens when you share your login credentials with your friends and family to benefit them.

2] Connect via VPN

Some PC gamers have been able to fix the Roblox error code 524 by filtering the connection with the game server via a VPN.

Do the following:

Clear Roblox cache files

  • To access the Run shortcut option in the Power User menu, press Windows + X.
  • Enter the following text in Run:
  • To access a Roblox data folder, click OK.
  • To select all, press Ctrl+A together.
  • To completely delete the selected data, press the Shift + Delete hotkey.
  • In the Delete Multiple Files window, click Yes.
  • Finally, log back into your Roblox account after logging out.

Roblox Error Code 264 Fixes and Workarounds

Since the game is available on multiple devices, people play it as they please. That’s when this error comes. The error occurs when a player tries to log into the same account on multiple devices. Roblox does not allow the player to login with two or more devices, so whenever a user does that, the error pops up. Anyway, if you have encountered this issue, then follow the below-given directions to fix this error:

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1. Sign out of all devices Make sure you remove your Roblox account from all your current devices and then try again to log in again from only one device. This fixes the error for most users, but if it still persists, try the next method 2. Check for Updates Most errors can be fixed by simply updating the game to the latest version. This basic step is usually very helpful. 3. Empty the cache The error may be due to an overloaded or corrupted cache. Then go to settings and clear Roblox cache data to fix this error. 4. Clear DNS settings You can also try clearing your PC’s DNS settings by starting the command prompt and entering the code ipconfig/flushdns 5. Try deleting the game and installing it again This step doesn’t have much reasoning but this one doesn’t in fact work in most scenarios. Deleting the existing game and reinstalling it may be enough to fix error code 264.

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