How do I fix error 0xc0000005?

Check RAM

One of the best ways to fix error code 0xc0000005 is to replace the RAM. Before doing that, you should make sure that RAM is the culprit behind the problem. Next, shut down your computer, try using another RAM. After doing that, turn on your computer again then check if the error still occurs. This is an ideal solution when the problem is caused by physical damage to the RAM connector or hardware.

Access Violation Error

0xc0000005 Error

One of the cases where you will see error code 0xc0000005 is when you receive a violation login error.

Fix using Run System Restore

  • Right-click This PC or My Computer and select Properties.
  • Inside the property windows, select Advanced system settings¬†in the central left corner.
  • In the advanced settings window select the System Protection tab and then click on System Restore
  • Hit Next and check the box Show more restore points.
  • From there select a restore point (probably select the restore point which is 20-30 days before the current date).
  • A confirmation dialog will appear. Finally, click Done.

Check if this method solved the error code 0xc0000005, then follow the methods below

How to fix error 0xc0000005

It is not always possible to fix the error removing the unfortunate updates, because, as I already wrote, the reasons may be different. A good option is to restore the system to the restore point at the time when everything was still working.

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Just remember when it started and find the restore point for the date in advance. By the way, this way you can solve the problem in the case of service packs by simply rolling back to the point where they were not installed yet.

Solution: Check your computer’s RAM.

One of the simplest fixes to the error code on Windows 10/11 is to check your device’s RAM. To do this, start by shutting down the system and trying to replace the RAM with a new one. You can also transfer RAM to another slot and restart the device. After that, check if the error is still there.

If your device is still under warranty, we suggest you don’t open it. This will void the warranty. Instead, take your computer to the store where you bought it. Let the professionals handle the RAM checking business for you. If they find it defective, they will replace it at no extra cost.

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