How do I find a deep dark city?

The Ancient City is a majestic building consisting of several symmetrical temples, large bridges, and a portal-like structure in the center of the location. Ancient City is part of Deep Dark and spawns at a height lower than Y=0. To reach the Ancient City, you have to dig a lot, but reaching this location is difficult as the chance of it spawning is about five times less than in Deep Dark.

If you don’t want to search long, you can use one of the other methods:

How to find the Deep Dark biome in Minecraft

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The Deep Dark biome is a rare underground area that houses the Warden, various Sculk blocks, and mysterious ancient cities filled with valuable loot. Some loot is exclusive to ancient cities found in the Deep Dark biome, including books of quick spells and fragments of music records.

How to find the Deep Dark Biome

The Deep Dark Biome only spawns underground and where erosion is low. You can find Deep Dark under biomes like mountains, but it can be a bit rare. They only spawn below Y=0, so you’ll need to dig deep enough to even have a chance of finding one. The fact that Deep Dark is rare will also make it difficult to find, so like the Ender Portal, you’ll just have to keep looking to find it.

The Ancient City is exactly as its name sounds, an old city that has rare loot to be found. You can find Deep Slate and sculk here. There are typically treasure chests to loot, so you’ll want to have plenty of room in your inventory to go when looting the city. You should also be wary of enemies, especially The Warden, who prowls in the pitch darkness.

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Sculk is a new substance that will spawn in the cave biome known as the Deep Dark. There are various types of blocks that spawn on and around Sculk.

Here is a list of Sculk blocks and substances:

Survival method

Before diving into the caves of the Deep Dark biome, make sure you have Netherite Gear equipped. This is because you can meet Warden which is a hostile mob that can spawn over there. As you dig and delve into the caves, keep an eye out for Y levels and the biome name. Press the F3 key to check them both. You will find this structure at a Y level of -52.

You can use the locate command to reach the ancient city in one instance. Press the T key to open a chat window and type the command “/locate structure minecraft:ancient_city”. After pressing this command, type “/tp @a” to teleport to the location.

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