How did Herobrine become a ghost?

A popular Youtuber and video game streamer, Copeland, was a significant factor in popularizing Herobrine in the early 2010s. On his live streaming and gaming channel, Brocraft, he talks about Herobrine on one of the subreddits on Reddit, which has caused a huge blast on social media. People have come to know about creepypastas. Many players have reported seeing this during single-player and allegedly experiencing “abnormal” events, uncommon in Minecraft.

The game developed by Mojang, Minecraft, was never meant to be a horror game. Yet this easter egg caused a huge uproar when Herobrine invaded Youtube videos, with their red text and clickbait thumbnails, online forums, Jumpscare videos and even social media platforms, thus leading to the legend of Herobrine.


What is Herobrine and where does it come from?

The legend began on 4chan. A user shared a story that a character with no eyes appeared in a solo round and built pyramids and dug tunnels. When he asked other players on forums about similar experiences, a user named “Herobrine” warned him. The user then learned that Herobrine was the now deceased brother of Minecraft creator Notch. This story inspired streamers ‘Copeland’ and ‘Patimuss’ to alter individual textures to look like Herobrine, thus inserting terrifying sightings of Herobrine into their live streams. While the Patimuss hoax was quickly debunked, Copeland helped the legend spread and endure.

Herobrine has never been in Minecraft, the story is fictional and Notch has commented on it several times. The story of the alleged brother also has no real-world equivalent. However, if a legend persists long enough, it can become real in a way. Mojang capitalized on the joke itself and integrated Herobrine elements into the game. While there are no spectral figures in solo rounds, you can give your character the head of Herobrine or even purchase his appearance in skin packs. Then, in multiplayer, Herobrine may indeed meet you.

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Who is Herobrin?

Initially, Herobrine existed as a crypto-paste of the Minecraft community, acting as the equivalent of a second game character sharing a single player world with a real player. Hirobrin mostly avoided the player, built tunnels and pyramids, plucked leaves from trees, and generally acted harmless despite his creepiness. The urban legend, based on a modified Minecraft game screenshot featuring a fluffy Herobrine in the distance, gained considerable popularity until Brocraft streamer Copeland staged a prank that propelled Herobrine into the heart of the Minecraft fandom.

Since then, Herobrine has been scrutinized by the community using Minecraft mods and various fan art depicting it, and even the likes of Notch and Mojang share the spirit of the community to some extent. For example, when Notch was running Minecraft, he often considered officially adding Herobrine when asked, and Mojang often includes Herobrine from time to time through official art or live events. However, canonically, Herobrine never existed in Minecraft and there hasn’t been any indication yet from any official accounts that it will be added.


Herobrine is a human with the same skin as “Steve”. Herobrine, on the other hand, has dazzling white eyes that glow in the dark, as if they were a source of light. Herobrine is occasionally seen wielding equipment such as pickaxes. This was because most people in the area thought Herobrine was a miner. His hands are usually empty.

  • Notch’s dead brother Herobrine is somehow rooted in Minecraft. While this is “canon,” it’s actually also completely incorrect, as Notch doesn’t have a brother.
  • Although the creator of Herobrine is unknown, it is NOT a Minecraft character. Herobrine does not exist in Minecraft.
  • Because Herobrine was such a famous myth surrounding Minecraft, the game makers included the word “Herobrine Removed” in key game updates to promote the legend for fans.
  • There is no reference to him in the source code, and there is no code that allows any creature to act as Herobrine. There is no level terrain code to build 22 tunnels or intricate dungeons full of traps.
  • Herobrine cannot be found in any unmodified client or server. All claims that he is in Minecraft are false. If he looked like someone else, it was because his skin had changed or someone else was wearing it.
  • All Herobrine signs, such as leafless trees, strange glowstone towers, strange words on signs, and so on, are buggy, either organically formatted or set by another player to deceive.
  • The Minecraft wiki and forums are not involved in any Herobrine scams. Any deletion of Herobrine related comments or stories are due solely to the fact that Herobrine does not exist and the stories are fictitious, intended to mislead others, or the result of players playing modifications made to their game (possibly to their unaware).
  • However, the fact that people claim to see Herobrine in Minecraft despite the fact that there is no code in the files suggests that he is a trapped spirit within the game rather than a figure written in code. However, these are all fake.
  • Herobrine has appeared in a plethora of Minecraft media, including several fake sighting videos, music videos, other forms of video, edits, novels, and even full-fledged books. He is typically shown as a strong ultimate evil who occasionally controls or inhabits mobs and kills or traps players. However, movies like Monster School and Entity 303 Creepypasta present him in a less sinister light, even making him a tragic hero at times.
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Let’s start from the beginning: the most logical theory that can dispel the myth is that all this is practically a big technical problem. The stories the players have in common are very similar to the bugs or glitches the game might have. Ok, with that logic then, Cyberpunk is full of ghosts, but it happens in even the most well-made games. Strange holes and leafless trees that appeared when the player was offline, look a lot like miscalculations in the game. Even a moving character or strange shadows could be any memory stick or graphics card.

Such glitches were very common, especially during the time Herobrine legend appeared in 2010. In the period from 2008 to 2013, the game versions were frequently updated and differed greatly from each other on the other. Even today there are big changes, but back then there was a bigger impact for each patch. There was a very high probability due to the incompatibility that the games exhibited strange shapes, fog for no reason, as well as various other graphical glitches which were mainly characterized as Herobrine at the time.

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