How can I find the Ghost Player in Minecraft?

The ghost player in Minecraft

Minecraft ghost

You’ve probably played older versions of Minecraft, such as the alpha and beta versions Beta 1.0. We’ve enjoyed playing these versions, but it will be a while before we play these versions again.

I played at 3:33 in the morning, wandering around my world and exploring the islands before deciding to build a boat and sail to the large cove where I have long lived as the owner of this world.

minecraft ghost player

I had not sailed more than a minute when I discovered a strange creature from the land. It looked ancient, as if it had been created in the alpha or early beta phase. The grass growing around my house was gone and the ground had a dead color. There were only a few trees, and scattered pieces of stone protruded from the grassy ground.

It looked strange, but I kept poking around, thinking it was a biotope that I didn’t know at the time was in beta testing. Not even 30 seconds passed and I saw a small peninsula jutting out of the dead land on the horizon. I couldn’t make out what was inside until I got closer and the fog cleared. Torches.

I knew I was creating new pieces, but there were flutes scattered about. Intrigued, I sailed toward the peninsula. When I arrived, I slowed down so I wouldn’t have to use the dinghy, which was floating anyway when I left. I put my foot in the grass and saw something I wasn’t expecting. A hole in the hill. It was a shingle house with no door or other furnishings. It was a narrow room with a two block high ceiling and a single torch on the wall.

I was surprised but fascinated to see this house among the rocks. At the end of the house was a well that went deep into the earth. It almost looked like it had been created by a player, but the world has never been a multiplayer game and these pieces were recently filled in, as far as I know. After thinking about it for a while, I felt a little uncomfortable.

However, I decided to go into the mine. I didn’t see any plaques or other signs of players, so I knew I would be fine. The stairs leading down led to a system of caves with stone bridges across voids and holes where minerals were mined. It was everything you would expect from a normal mine. After looking around for a couple of minutes, I decided to head home before I got lost. By the time I left the mine, the day was over and darkness was looming on the horizon.

I returned home, slept through the night and went online to do my unfinished homework. I wished this was the last time I would open this world.

I logged back into the game about 3 hours later, around seven in the morning. At that time I was still thinking about my strange discoveries, but not much. I spent about half an hour pulling out double iron blocks and building a tower that, when finished, would be a crusher. I was watching some YouTube videos, absentmindedly digging up some double iron blocks, when I realized that all the wheat on my farm had been crushed in the distance, and dirt and grass had replaced the spots where the ground had been plowed (in this version, you just had to step on the plowed ground to crush it). I could have sworn I had planted wheat there a few hours earlier and had not touched it again. I went to check it out and concluded that the animals in the area had trampled it and the wheat was gone. At that point I couldn’t think of anything else.

I went back to dismantling iron blocks. When I went to the building a few minutes later to continue the work, four blocks had broken off in one corner. I was a little confused as there had been no vine burst there and the Endermen weren’t even in play yet. I just thought I had broken those four blocks and my lack of sleep had clouded my memory a bit. But that didn’t lessen my uneasiness.

I should have followed the clues and cleared my world at that point, but I didn’t and continued playing for another hour with no problems. I continued playing for another hour with nothing happening when suddenly my brain kicked in and I thought that the strange house I had seen earlier might have something to do with it. Maybe some kind of end of the world or hacker. I don’t know. I returned to the cobblestone house, this time over land, and was greeted by the familiar sporadic flares and the hole in the hill where the house was located.

But there was one thing that bothered me: the house now had an iron gate and there was someone outside pushing a button next to it.

I was stunned for a moment. I didn’t think something like this could happen. I thought my lack of sleep was playing tricks on me and making me hallucinate.

Whatever it is, it’s not a player. There’s no name tag, no movement, and his form is horrible. It’s almost like a ghost.

You can play this version by clicking the download button:

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