Hole Filler Mod – Smart Hole Filler Minecraft

Hole Filler Mod for Minecraft

This mod as its name suggests, will allow us to plug or fill holes by simply throwing a ball to fill holes.

With this mod you can automatically fill the crater created by a Creeper, an imperfection in the terrain, a hole caused by a TNT explosion, you can even use them to fill areas with materials or colored blocks.These hole fillers will allow you to quickly plug small lava or water lakes.

You can even use it to turn an irregular surface into a flat surface and build on it.

In this mod there are three types of “hole fillers” that we can create:

  • The simple fills, which will allow us to fill a space with soil.

simple filler

  • The choice fills that will allow us to select what type of material we want to use to fill the space.

The choice fills

  • Intelligent fillers that will fill a space according to the blocks or materials around that space.

Intelligent fillers

If you are wondering how many blocks can be filled, the answer is 1000.

DOWNLOAD Hole Filler

To use this Mod you must have FORGE previously installed.

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