Hogwarts Legacy Which Edition Should You Buy?

Hogwarts Legacy: Which Edition Should You Buy for the Ultimate Wizarding World Experience?

The highly-anticipated Hogwarts Legacy video game has already become the best-selling game of 2023 even before its release. Harry Potter fans and gamers alike are eager to explore the open-world RPG set in The Wizarding World. But with three editions to choose from, which one should you purchase? Here’s a breakdown of each of the editions available and which one will provide you with the ultimate wizarding world experience.

First off, the standard edition includes the base game and an onyx hippogriff Mount, which is a pre-order exclusive. However, PlayStation users who pre-order the game will also receive access to the Felix felici’s potion recipe and the haunted hogsmeade shop Quest. The deluxe edition contains the base game, a 72-hour early access, the dark arts pack, and the dark arts cosmetic set, and battle arena. It also includes a thestral mount, which is one of the few mounts available, and a dark arts Garrison hat. On the other hand, the collector’s edition includes all the content seen in the deluxe edition and a life-size floating ancient magic wand with an accompanying bookcase, a steel case, and a Kelpie robe, which is a cosmetic item exclusive to collector’s edition owners.

While the standard edition is the cheapest of the three options and the most commonly purchased, the deluxe and collector’s editions provide unique content that enhances the gameplay experience. The dark arts pack, which is only available in the deluxe edition, includes a thestral mount and a dark arts battle arena. Meanwhile, the collector’s edition offers a life-size floating ancient magic wand that is sure to delight any Harry Potter fan.

Overall, the edition you should buy depends on your preference and budget. If you’re looking for the ultimate wizarding world experience, the collector’s edition provides the most comprehensive set of bonuses. But if you want to have a taste of what Hogwarts Legacy has to offer, the deluxe edition is a great option. Whichever edition you choose, the game is sure to transport you to the magical world of Harry Potter like never before.

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