Hogwarts Legacy – Unlocking all three Hidden Secret Challenges

Welcome to the Hogwarts Legacy guide on how to unlock all three hidden secret challenges in the game! These challenges are not only exciting but also come with great rewards, so let’s dive in and discover how to solve the puzzles and unlock those chests.

First, let’s head to the South Wing of Hogwarts and go to the Clock Tower Courtyard. Once there, you’ll see a locked door with a unicorn symbol on top. To unlock this door, you’ll need to freeze the pendulum swinging back and forth above it when it’s over the unicorn symbol using the spell “aresto momentum”. Once the door opens, you’ll find a chest with a rebellious natural terrain that will reward you with 500 points.

Next, head up the steps and you’ll find another locked door with a face-looking symbol on it. You’ll need to go back to the pendulum and freeze it again when it’s over the symbol to unlock this door. Inside the room, you’ll find some chests with valuable items and a wand.

Finally, head further up the steps until you reach the last locked door with a symbol on it. This time, you’ll need to stop the pendulum in the last position before heading back up to unlock the door. Inside, you’ll find a chest with an unidentified neck item that’s definitely worth the effort.

Once you’ve unlocked all three doors, you’ll have completed one of the Hogwarts Secrets challenges and will receive great rewards. But that’s not all, there are still two challenges left to complete!

For the second challenge, head to the Great Hall and go to the Viaduct Courtyard. Once there, go to the Viaduct Bridge and interact with the four symbols that can be lit up. By lighting them up, you’ll be able to interact with them on the bottom, where you’ll see Roman numerals. Set the symbols to match the Roman numerals and unlock the tunnel, which will take you to some chests with valuable items, including an unidentified back item.

For the third and final challenge, head to the Map and go to the Forbidden Forest. Once there, go to the Enchanted Lake and interact with the stone structure. This challenge involves matching the symbols on the structure with the symbols on the pillars. Once you’ve matched them all correctly, a chest will appear that contains a valuable item.

Unlocking all three hidden secret challenges in Hogwarts Legacy is a great way to test your puzzle-solving skills and earn some valuable rewards. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your wand, put on your wizard hat, and let’s get to it!

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