Hogwarts Legacy – How To Get all BEASTS & How To Tame

 How To Get all BEASTS & How To Tame-Hogwarts Legacy 

Are you a true Hogwarts Legacy fan and collector? Do you want to complete your collection of magical beasts in the game? Well, look no further as we guide you through all the Beast Den locations and how to tame them in this complete guide!

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Most of the beasts in the game can be caught simply by going to their den, but there are a few exceptions. To catch these beasts, you need to progress through the main story until you unlock the Room of Requirements for Professor Weasley’s questline. Once you complete this questline, you will unlock your vivarium, which allows you to capture and raise magical beasts.

  • The Phoenix is the rarest beast in the game, and there’s only one of them. To capture it, you need to progress through several quests, including “The Phoenix Rising.” This questline is time-gated, so make sure to level up your character or progress through the main questline if you don’t have the quest available.
  • The Graphorn is the final beast you can capture in the game, and it’s unlocked by completing the “San Baker’s Trial” questline. Without giving away any spoilers, during this questline, you will need to collect the Graphorn to help you with the mission.

The Most Spectacular Animals in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy, the upcoming action role-playing video game set in the wizarding world of Harry Potter, promises to offer a magical experience that fans have been waiting for. One of the most exciting features of the game is the ability to encounter and rescue magical creatures throughout the open-world environment.

Among the most spectacular animals in the game are four that stand out: one in Poppy’s story, two in Deek’s missions, and one in the main storyline. Here is a list of the 13 types of animals and where to find them:

  1. Diricawl: Hogwarts Valley, Poidsear Coast, Clagmar Coast, and Marunweem Lake.
  2. Fwooper: Keenbridge in Hogwarts Valley, Poidsear Coast, and Clagmar Coast.
  3. Giant Purple Toad: Forbidden Forest, North Ford Swamp, Hogsmeade Valley, South Hogwarts Region, and Marunween Lake.
  4. Graphorn: encountered during the main story quest “The Trial of San Bakar”. After completing it, you can return to the same location (southern coast of the map, on the edge) to rescue more animals of this type.
  5. Hippogriff: Forbidden Forest, Manor Cape, Poidsear Coast, Hogwarts Valley, and Feldcroft.
  6. Jobberknoll: Feldcroft Region, Forbidden Forest, Maruweem Lake, Cragcroftshire, and Manor Cape.
  7. Kneazle: Brocburrow in Hogwarts Valley, Clagmar Coast, Cagcroftshire, and Marunweem Lake.
  8. Mooncalf: Feldcroft, North Ford Swamp, East Forbidden Forest, South Hogwarts Zone, and Poidsear Coast.
  9. Niffler: North Hogwarts Zone, Cragcroftshire, Manor Cape, Poidsear Coast, Feldcroft, and North Ford Swamp.
  10. Phoenix: Deek’s side mission.
  11. Puffskein: Forbidden Forest, Hogsmeade Valley, South Hogwarts Zone, Feldcroft, Poidsear Coast, Manor Cape, and Clagmar Coast.
  12. Thestral: North Ford Swamp and Marunweem Lake.
  13. Unicorn: southeast of the Forbidden Forest.

Once you find the animals you want to rescue, we recommend using the Disillusionment Charm to approach them without being seen, casting the Arresto Momentum spell to paralyze them, and finally using the summoning spell for the rescue bag. Keep in mind that some special animals, such as unicorns and thestrals, may require more time and several attempts to rescue.

The Hogwarts Legacy Field Guide offers challenges for those who enjoy breeding animals. If you enjoy this aspect of the game, you’ll have plenty to do in the Hall of Menesters. To learn how to breed animals, simply follow Deek’s side quests. Rescue a male and a female, install the corresponding summon and wait.

There are two types of challenges in the Field Guide. The first is Breed Unique Animals, which involves raising ten different animals. The second is Rescue Animals, which has several phases and challenges you to rescue 10, 20 and 30 animals. In addition, there is a trophy called “Animal Nature” that challenges you to breed all species of animals, i.e. the 12 animals you can find in the game.

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