GAMES folder does not appear Minecraft Pe (Android) SOLUTION

CAN’T FIND The “GAMES Folder” for MINECRAFT PE on your ANDROID Device?

If you have an Android phone and in Minecraft PE 1.18, the GAMES folder does not appear, in this article we bring you the solution, because in Minecraft PE 1.18, the games folder has been moved.

Attention: if the games folder appears on your mobile device, but it is empty, you must first delete Minecraft, reinstall it and then follow these steps.

Steps to follow to make the games folder appear in Minecraft PE 1.18

First Method:

1- Enter Minecraft on your mobile device, and press the PLAY button. In the WORLDS tab, where it says “File Storage Location“, you must press “Application” and change it to “External“:

folder games minecraft pe 1.18

After you have changed the storage to external, you must click on allow.

create world

Then you must create a new world (Create New) to create the World folder and the GAMES folder.

2- As soon as you have created the world and it has loaded, you can exit the game and check that the Games folder has been created.

Second Method:

1- If after applying the first method, the Games folder still does not appear, you must go to the Minecraft icon on your device, press it for three seconds, until the Settings option of the application appears.

app info minecraft

2- In the Minecraft application settings, as shown in the image above, you must click and enter the “Storage & cache” folder.

app info clear storage minecr4aft

We will press where it says “Clear Cache” and then “Clear Storage“. Attention; remember to have your XBOX password handy, because you will have to enter it again.

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3- Ready, you only have to perform again the steps of method number one and you will be able to see the games folder on your mobile device.

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