File System Error (-2143322101) Minecraft – Fixed

Fix: Minecraft.Exe File System Error (-2143322101)

File System Error (-2143322101) fixed minecraft

If while trying to play Minecraft, you are getting file system errors like the following: “File System Error (-2143322101)“. we have to tell you that these errors are usually caused by bad hard drive sectors and corrupted files on your hard drive which you are trying to access.

File System Error (-2143322101) error minecraft

This error is very frequent in Windows 10 and Windows 11 and in this article we will teach you how to solve it. The error that may appear on the screen will say “File system error (-2018375670)” but you have to know that the number may change with this error.

We will show you in this article step by step how to fix this error with different methods and solutions.

Solution number one: Command Prompt

1- Go to the taskbar in Windows and type “CMD” in the search box. You should open “Command Prompt” and run it as administrator.

2- After opening “Command Prompt” we must enter a series of commands to try to resolve the error. We will type the following command : sfc /scannow

prompt command for minecreaft

3– After typing the indicated command, just press enter and wait for the verification bar to reach 100%. Then you should enter this new command:

dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth

Solution number two:same account on Xbox App and Microsoft Store

One of the main causes of the error “File System Error (-2143322101)”, is that players use multiple Minecraft accounts on the Xbox App and Microsoft Store, so make sure you use the same account on Xbox App and Microsoft Store.

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To make sure this is not your case just follow the steps below:

1- You will need to sign out of both the Xbox app and the Microsoft Store app and then sign in to the Xbox app and Microsoft Store with the same account.
2- If this was your problem, once you have done this, check if you can play the game, if you still can’t try one of our other methods.
3- You must also make sure that your Xbox Game Pass subscription is still valid otherwise you will continue to receive the same error “File System Error (-2143322101)”.

Solution number three: Reset Minecraft launcher

Many times you just need to restart Minecraft and to do so follow the steps below:

1- Go to the taskbar in Windows and type “Minecraft Launcher” in the search box.
2- Once the “Minecraft Launcher” application is visible on the screen, right click on it and select “App Settings”.

app settings minecraft

3- Scroll down where you will find a button called Repair, which you should press as shown in the following image:

File System Error (-2143322101) repair

4- Now try to play Minecraft again, but if the problem persists you should follow the same steps but this time you should press the “Reset” button and then try to play Minecraft again.

Solution number four: Uninstall and reinstall Minecraft launcher

If none of the above steps have solved your problem you should uninstall the Minecraft launcher and then reinstall it. To install the Minecraft launcher from the official site follow the steps below:

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1- Go to the taskbar in Windows and type “Minecraft Launcher” in the search box and then right click Uninstall.

 unistall minecraft launcher fix error
2- After uninstalling Minecraft you must go to the official Minecraft site to reinstall it, for your convenience you can access the following button:

3– The final step is to download and install the Minecraft launcher. Once this is done, you will need to re-run the Minecraft launcher so that the problem is fixed.

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