Errorbrine or Alpha 1.2.6_01

Download Minecraft Errorbrine or Alpha 1.2.6_01

This creepy version of Minecraft is known as ErrorBrine or Alpha version 1.2.6_01 because while you are playing a new player will enter your world uninvited, and will call himself ERRORBRINE.

Alpha 1.2.6_01

How to find Errorbrine?

You will start in a foggy world with little visibility, but as you start walking you will see human-shaped figures in the distance, but as you get closer, they will disappear.

Download Errorbrine or Alpha 1.2.6_01

The creature will keep appearing multiple times during the game, especially near the cross-shaped blocks.

errorbrine Alpha 1.2.6_01

Also, as you progress further and night begins to fall, multiple warning signs will pop up with the following statement “ERRORBRINE JAVA ERROR stop it“.

errorbrine minecraft error

Whenever the message “Now playing:C418 – ERRORBRINE” appears on the screen, the creature known as Errorbrine will appear in the distance, watching you without approaching.

Now playing:C418 - ERRORBRINE

Shrieks and terrifying noises will not be absent every time Errorbrine appears, as well as forests in flames.

ErorrBrine creepypasta ree

Download Alpha 1.2.6_01

If you think you are able to play it and not get scared in the process, click on the following button to download it.

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