Download Xray Ultimate for Minecraft 1.17

Download Xray Ultimate – Minecraft 1.17

This Xray Ultimate texture for Minecraft 1.17 is designed for miners who want to make mining easier and need a little help finding resources.

Therefore this texture pack will allow you to find all the minerals that exist in the game, with an impressive ease because it makes invisible all the blocks except for the blocks with minerals. This will allow you to find places with amethyst and you can even find abandoned mines and mob generators (Skeletons, Zombies, Cave Spiders).

Texture Pack XRAY ultimate for Minecraft 1.17

Unlike other texture packs, Xray Ultimate will not give you better graphics. It is designed to make the game easier, as it will allow you to easily find resource blocks.

The purpose of Xray Ultimate is to help the player in mining by highlighting all the important ores and mineral blocks in Minecraft 1.17. With this texture, minerals and resource blocks will stand out, they will stand out much more than other blocks.

The Xray Ultimate texture pack has a 16×16 resolution, so it is unlikely to cause a performance drop, your FPS will remain the same.

Texture Pack XRAY for Minecraft 1.17

The pack works fine without the Optifine module, but using it is highly recommended as it provides a useful night vision effect. You can download Optifine for Minecraft 1.17 here.

But you may wonder, do X-rays show ancient debris? The answer is yes, you can see them immediately with this mod.

The Xray Ultimate texture pack is not only used by users to find minerals, you can use it to find your lost Villagers for example when they fall into pits, because as you know villagers really like to wander around in the most dangerous and inconvenient places.

Xray Ultimate not only allows you to see through useless blocks such as dirt, stone, grass and sand to make appear only the minerals sought by the player, such as diamond, gold, iron, coal, this mod also shows dungeons, chests and other objects created by the player, such as doors or stairs.

This MOD can also be used in multiplayer on servers that allow it and do not use anti Xray.

So you don’t have to worry about viruses on your computer when downloading these texture packs as all the download buttons below direct you to the official page to download the mods (CURSE FORGE).

Download Xray Ultimate Minecraft 1.17

Download Xray Ultimate Minecraft 1.17.1

Download Xray Ultimate Minecraft 1.16

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How to install Xray Ultimate without Forge?

1Download the file that corresponds to your version of Minecraft. The file will have a .jar extension.

.jar archive minecraft xray ultimate
2- Double click on this newly downloaded file and a popup window should appear.

Xray Ultimate without Forge 1.17

3- In the following window you have the possibility to name the factory.

How to install Xray Ultimate without Forge?

4- Launching the Minecraft Launcher.

How to install Xray Ultimate without Forge? minecraft 1.17

5- Once the game is running, you can click [Options]> [Controls] and scroll down until you see an “X-Ray” section.

How to install Xray Ultimate without Forge? 1.17 and 1.16

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