Download the best Dragon Mods for Minecraft

Mods for taming and riding dragons in Minecraft.

If you want to tame a dragon and fly on one of these wonderful beasts, in this article we bring you the free download, the best dragon mods and finally fly on the Ender Dragon.There is no Minecraft player who at least once, wanted to ride the Ender Dragon.

In Minecraft without mods you only have one dragon and it’s the Ender Dragon, it’s the final boss of the game but you can’t tame it, that’s why Minecraft modding community has the best mods to let you tame a dragon and ride it and here we bring you the free download.

Ice and fire

Ice and Fire ❄️🔥

This mod not only brings us the possibility of taming and flying on dragons, it will also add other fantastic creatures such as hippogriffs and other fantastic creatures like goblins, cyclops, gorgons and many more.

In this mod there are three dragon races, centered on such important elements as ice, fire and lightning. Each one has a different behavior, although they are generally aggressive. All of them reproduce once they reach adulthood and you will be able to hunt and tame them.

There are also dragon armors and caves where you can fight them and get succulent loot.

Dragon World RPG

 WORLD OF DRAGONS | Minecraft Ultimate Dragons

Dragon World RPG is not just a modpack for Minecraft with a dragon theme. It’s an almost perfect recreation of “How to tame a dragon“, but as a Minecraft mod?

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This mod turns Minecraft into a fantasy role-playing game where you can ride a dragon and fight other dragons and other fantasy creatures around the world with the help of your friends.

Dawn of Fire

Dawn of Fire Modpack minecraft

This mod not only adds dragons that exhale fire, but dragons that exhale lightning, ice and other elements of nature.

Dragon Mounts: Legacy

Dragons Mounts Legacy 🐲🔥

Complex mechanics and lots of new features are nice, but what if we just want to fly kites? This mod is very simple as far as Minecraft mods go.

Just download the mod, make sure the dragon eggs have hatched, and you’ll have the winged companions of your dreams.


Wyrmroost (Minecraft Mod Showcase | 1.16.X)

Wyrmroost has many different types of dragons that can be used to explore the world, ward off monsters, build farms, and transport items.

World of Dragons

World of Dragons in Minecraft Hardcore

Technology and magic collide in Dragon World, one of the best dragon modes in Minecraft. In Dragon World, immerse yourself in a world where dragons not only rule the skies, but also form two technology trees that allow you to literally create your own adventure.

Add in incredible multiplayer options and you’ve got the ultimate Minecraft experience. Definitely a must-try.

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