Download the best Creative Mods for Minecraft

Download the top 5 creative mods for Minecraft

Minecraft reached unprecedented popularity when it was first released and remains one of the best games of all time with a loyal fan base. A key feature that helped the game gain its reputation was the building aspect and the relative creative freedom that all players were able to experience.

So it should come as no surprise that many of Minecraft’s changes are geared towards enhancing this creative spirit. The game’s creative mode, while a lot of fun, gets a bit bland after extended play.

That’s where this fantastic set of mods comes into play that will allow you to easily enhance your crafting experience.

Basic Modern HD Blocks

Essential Modern Construction Block HD (EMCB HD) minecraft constructor hd essential mod

These blocks include bricks and walls, as well as variations of slabs and stairs: basically, all the blocks needed to build the ultimate modern building.

 Furniture mod by MrCrayfish

What would a good building be without the right furniture to decorate it? Furniture is not something that is used in Vanilla Minecraft. With the exception of beds, of course, which were more for slaying the dragon Ender.

Furniture mod by MrCrayfish

With furniture ranging from kitchen sinks, islands, sofas, double beds, tables, etc. to a whole new look with amazing patio tables and chairs, this mod is the solution to all your interior design problems.

 Dawn of Time: Builder Edition

Dawn of Time: Builder Edition minecraft

So when you start building, you can not only build the normal Minecraft-style villages, but also a traditional Japanese house, a French villa or a Mayan pyramid. The mod is updated regularly and you can expect more civilizations to be added in the future.

 My Creative Tools

This mod includes the Block Eraser tool, without which you can’t remove blocks, making the building process smoother in the game. There is also a magic wand that allows you to change the color of the blocks, even after you have placed them.

Modern Arc

To call this mod just a piece of furniture would be an insult to the work the creator has done.

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ModernArch Mod minecraft

The graphics are extremely realistic and the furniture options added to the game look real. Every texture is smooth and vibrant, giving your creations a charmingly modern look. If you like building houses in Minecraft, you should definitely give this mod a try.

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