Download Sonic.exe Minecraft MOD- Creepypasta

Download Sonic.exe the scary version of Sonic in Minecraft

sonic.exe minecraft final boss

Sonic.exe is the best known Sonic creepypasta in Minecraft and here we bring it to you as a Mod for version 1.12.

With this terrifying version of Minecraft you will find the classic Sonic characters, Tails, Dr. Robotnik and Knuckles and of course Sonic, but in its creepy and hostile version, leaving heartbreaking screams wherever they pass or when attacked.By defeating any of these creatures we will obtain the resource known as blood, which will be very useful.

blood sonic.exe

The first creature we will find is called “Tails” and it will be a hostile creature with big red eyes. Tails will take a lot of life if he attacks you but if you defeat him he will give you “Blood” which will be a very important resource that we will explain later in this article.

tails minecraft sonic.exe

Another character will be “Dr. Robotnik” and how could it be otherwise, is a hostile creature with 150 life and also does not provide the resource Blood very important to summon Sonic.

Dr. Robotnik minecraft sonic.exe

The third creature that is added is “Knuckles” with 250 points of life being a very strong enemy to defeat.

Knuckles sonic.exe

The resource you get when you kill these three hostile creatures is called “Blood” and from it you can make the “Ring with blood“. This is made with 4 blood, 4 gold and a nether star.

This ring gives us many effects and powers, such as night vision, speed, strength, fire resistance, super jump, regeneration, among others. All these effects will have a duration of two minutes.

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ring with blod sonic.exe

You can also make the “Sonic.exe summoner” which is a box with which you can summon the evil Sonic. Sonic.exe is the boss of this world and therefore a hostile and very powerful creature.To make the “Sonic.exe summoner” you need four diamonds, four obsidians and a “Ring with blood”.

Sonic.exe summoner.

Once you summon sonic.exe, you’d better be prepared for battle, as it has 5000 health points. When you defeat him you will get the “Sonic.exe Tear” in addition to a lot of experience.

With the sonic tear you will be able to make a very strong and durable sword with a lot of attack power, which will cause 44 points of damage to the enemies. The sword will also restore your health and speed for forty seconds.

 sonic.exe sword.

You can also create a bow and a potion. The bow has arrows that explode so it will be very useful and to use it you will only need common arrows, which will cause 96 points of damage to enemies.We will also have the blood armor, which will protect you much more than a diamond armor.

This creepy mod also adds new blocks which it calls “Green Hill Grass with blood” and also adds the “Stone With blood” block, both blocks are decorative.

Download Sonic.exe for Minecraft

 sonic.exe download

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