Download Siren Head MOD for Minecraft Java Edition

Download Siren Head MOD Minecraft Java

If you are looking to find Siren Head in Minecraft, don’t worry, he will find you first. This MOD for Minecraft, gives you the possibility to kill the famous monster of Silent Hill, called Siren Head.

Download Siren Head MOD Minecraft 1.12

As you start playing, try to find all the resources during the day, make weapons and if possible a house, because when night falls you will have to escape from Siren Head or fight against him.

 Download Siren Head MOD Minecraft for minecraft 1.12

I’ll give you a hint, Siren Head is vulnerable to fire, so it is convenient that you are with a torch in your hand. You can try to kill him with arrows or with your sword, but it won’t work, and he will kill you with a single blow because he is huge.

To kill it you will have to surround it with fire. Make a bonfire, surround it with fire before it escapes, burning it is its only vulnerability.

fire Download Siren Head MOD Minecraft siren head

Therefore the best strategy to kill Siren Head is to have a lighter, torches, and make a fire barrier to try to burn him and prevent him from catching you.

You can also build a hole, make it chase you and fall into it and then burn it, since it will be trapped. It is very big, but it is not fast.

 fire burn Download Siren Head MOD Minecraft 1.12

When it gets dark you will know it will come for you, as you will hear a deafening sound of sirens.

This MOD needs Forge to be used, it is available for Java in version 1.12.2.

Download MOD Silent Hill Minecraft

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