Download Pixelmon and learn how to build Pokeballs

Download Pixelmon Mod for Minecraft

If you are a Pokemon fan, you should download the Pixelmon Generations Mod for Minecraft, a mod specially focused on bringing many pokémon to the Minecraft map, thus becoming a pokémon trainer, while you take care of exploring the fabulous world of Minecraft. In addition, it has most of the Pokemons of the PokeDex, and includes Gen 7.

pixelmon charizard

Pokemon for Minecraft better known as Pixelmon, tries to simulate the fantastic Pokemon world with all its elements.Best of all, it can be played well either individually, or in multiplayer mode, in order to meet new friends for other games.

We will now know how you can download it, and become a pixelmon trainer, which in itself is equivalent to a pokémon trainer.

How to Install Pixelmon Minecraft?

To install Pixelmon in Minecraft, we start from the assumption that you already have Minecraft installed, if you do not have it you must install it before installing the Pixelmon Mod.

To run Pixelmon, it is necessary to choose the version Forge 1.12.2, with or without OptiFine (makes Minecraft lighter).

Steps to install Pixelmon:

1. The first thing we will do is download the MOD and FORGE of Pixelmon for Minecraft, totally free through the Download buttons:

Download MEGA


2. Once the file called Pixelmon is downloaded, we must unzip it either with WinRar or 7zip, in the place we want like the desktop. The downloaded file contains the MOD, ZIP and extra MODS.

pixelmon how to install 1

3.Once extracted we must install the Forge by double clicking on the file with that name. When FORGE opens, select the option “Install Client” and then accept. With this, the FORGE installation for Minecraft Pixelmon would be finished.

pixelmon how to install 2.

4. Downloaded and installed FORGE we will search for “execute” in our Windows search bar and we will write “appdata”.

pixelmon how to install 3

5.Within “appdata” we must enter the “mods” folder found in the following path: AppData> Roaming> .minecraft> mods. If the mods folder is not found, we must create it and name it that way.

Within “appdata” we must enter the “mods” folder found in the following path: AppData> Roaming> .minecraft> mods. If the mods folder is not found, we must create it and name it that way.

6. In the folder “mods” we will paste or drag the file called Pixelmon, which we have already downloaded and unzipped.

7.We can also enter the folder “Extra Mods” and pass the files there present to the folder “mods” indicated in the previous step, but this is an optional step, the files present here will make our minecraft work without obstacles and with better quality of play.

8.Ready! Once everything is installed correctly we must have on our desk an icon called “Minecraft Launcher”. And everything is ready to enjoy playing the Pixelmon mod, and its pokemon.

Download Pixelmon MOD 1.18 – 1.17 & 1.16

The mod is called Pokecube AIO, which allows you to generate a world to battle trainers, capture pokemon, fight legendaries like rayquaza, mega evolution pokemon like alakazam, galar pokemon like moltres galar, and there are also characters like Zinnia.

Download PIXELMON Modpack for MINECRAFT PE (1.16+)

Download Pixelmon Generations Mod for Minecraft 1.10.2

pixelmon pokemon with wings

Here we will teach you and you can download the Pixelmon mod, through the following steps:

  1. First of all to install this mod for minecraft you must have MINECRAFT FORGE installed.
  2. Once Minecraft Forge is installed, you must go to start if you have Windows, and in “Run”, you must type “% appdata%”, then click run again. In case you have MAC, you can press ALT and then in the menu bar locate the library option, so you can open the “applications” folder and put “Minecraft”.
  3. Place the downloaded mod in .jar file format inside the mods folder.
  4. Once you start the Minecraft game, you are going to click on the “modifications” button, and this modification will be properly left.

You can download the mod of Pixelmon Generations Mod for Minecraft 1.10.2 here:

Download Pixelmon Generations Mod for Minecraft 1.12.2 and others

pixelmons detective pokemon

In this Minecraft mod for Pokemon you can find more than 510 creatures, and other interesting features such as pokedex, pokeballs and you can even enjoy capture animations.

In addition, it has 500 attacks, and other modifications in terms of statistics, and you can download it through the following links:

As with the Pixelmon Generations mod for Minecraft 1.10.2, it is necessary that we first have Minecraft Forge installed, and the installation process is the same as we explained in the previous segment.

Download Pixelmon Generations for Minecraft 2.9.3 and 2.9.4

In this update new pokémons stand out, among which you will find: Greedent, Rookidee, Corvisquire, Dottler, Hattrem, among many more creatures. It also has the ability to mirror armor, magic dust, and many other features, which we invite you to discover through the following download links:

Why should you download Minecraft Forge?

Minecraft Forge, it is essential to be able to run the Mods, both the pixelmon mod, and everyone else you want to download.


We learn to build each and every one of the pokeballs that allow it, since there are some pokeballs that cannot be built.

how to make pokeballs 1

How to build a pokeball, step by step:

1- The first step is to get Apricorns in any of its seven colors. The apricorns in pixelmon can be found in color, green, yellow, blue, pink, white and black. We will have to explore the world in search of Apricorns plants, which are the ones shown in the image:

Apricorn image

The apricorns in Pixelmon can be planted in a normal way, in the soil like any other plant, to obtain more of them. An interesting fact is that with bone dust we can make these apricorns grow faster. The apricorns vary in their colors since each color, will allow us to make a different pokeballs combining them in different patterns.

2- Once we have the apricorns of different color, we will have to burn them in an oven, that is to say we will put our apricorns to cook in the furnace, this will create the essential so that in the following step we build the tops for our pokebolas or also called pokebola disks.

3- In the crafting table we will combine the apricorns already cooked, this will give us the pokebol discs.
Take a look at the different types of apricorns we can make to obtain different types of pokeballs:

pixelmon types of pokeball

4- The way to make the lower base of our pokeball will be through iron ingots or if we prefer through aluminum ingots, the iron ingot is better, since with it 5 bases are generated and with the aluminum ingot only 3 bases will be generated.

Then we must create the hammer. This is the way to create a diamond hammer since this diamond hammer allows us to crafty faster.

how to make pokeballs 4

5- Then we must create the Anvil, which is made by combining the iron in this way shown in the image , combining eight ingots of iron.


6- The bases or disks should be placed on the anvil and hit with the hammer

how to make pokeballs 5.

7- Ready! after the bases and on the crafted table we will gather everything and obtain the pokeballs:

how to make pokeballs 6

How to build a HEALER at Pixelmon?

A healer is used in Pixelmon to heal our Pokémon, once you build it you can use it by right clicking on it. It is important to know that once a healer is placed, it cannot be moved and if it breaks by hand, it will not drop anything, while if it breaks with a pick, it will only drop an aluminum plate. Also the Silk Touch incantation has no effect on healers.

healer pixelmon image 1

The elements we need to build the healer are the following:

– A Diamond.
– Four iron ingots.
-Four aluminum plates.
– A Anvil.
-A hammer of any kind.

To make a healer in Minecraft Pixelmon’s MOD we must follow the following steps:

1- You will need at least four iron ores, four aluminum ores, a diamond and a hammer to hit the anvil. We will place all these resources in the furnace, except the diamond, to create the ingots.

2- After placing these elements in the furnace, we need a anvil, which is built by placing iron in this way:


3. After we have the anvil, we must place the aluminum on it. With the left click we will hit it with the hammer, obtaining as a result aluminum plates.

4-Important! The helaer after placed can not move, be careful because even with a touch of silk we can not move it from place. The resources will be placed in the following order:

healer pixelmon image 2

5- Ready!! you just need to place it where you want and heal your pokemons. Do not destroy the healer as you will only get an aluminum plate as a result.

Pixelmon Commands for Minecraft

Certain commands can be used to facilitate some actions in the Pixelom game and the best commands are:

  • /breed <player> <slot 1> <slot 2>  With this command you get an egg resulting from the reproduction of two pokemon, but it will only work if the pokemon you put in the “Slot” space can reproduce each other.
  • /checkSpawns [specific | type] This command gives you all the pokemon and the percentage of pokemon appearing for the player in the zone in which he/she is located.
  • /pokeheal [player] If you put the player’s name, where it says “player”, this will heal the player, restoring his health.
  • /freeze This command will freeze all pokemon. To make them move again you must enter this command again.
  • /pokespawn <Pokémon | random> [arguments] Change “random” to the name of the pokemon you want to generate.

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