Download Mods for Minecraft 1.17 PE (Bedrock)

Mods for Minecraft 1.17 PE (Bedrock)

Minecraft Bedrock version 1.17 has finally arrived, and with it, compatibility bugs when using old addons.

Especially with the mineral generation addons. And that’s why today I bring you; top 10 addons compatible with Minecraft 1.17 version and all its subversions, besides being compatible with the beta version of Minecraft 1.18.


ores mod minecraft addon 1.17 downlaod

We start with the ORES PLUS add-on, which adds new ores, armor, weapons and tools.

These ores will appear in all Minecraft 1.17 caves. The main armors are the elemental armors, which are crafted with an armor as a base, the white diamond armor. This is crafted with white diamond, placing it on the crafting table in the same way as any other minecraft armor is crafted.

all armor with new addon 1.7 minecraft bedrock minecraft 1.17 update PE

This mineral (white diamond) is usually found between layer 1 and 16, and is stronger than diamond. Ocean armor is crafted with a piece of white diamond armor and an ocean gem on the crafting table. You can get these gems with a 50% chance in the buried chests on the beaches. This one is as strong as a netherite, and will give you resistance and the power of the conduit when equipping all its parts.

Infernal armor. This armor, similar to the ocean armor, is craftable with an infernal gem and a piece of white diamond armor on the crafting table. These gems are found in the chests of the nether fortresses, with a 50% chance of occurrence. You can also craft the infernal sword, which is crafted with an infernal gem and a wither sword. The wither sword is crafted with a stick and two wither fragments, these fragments are obtained by killing the wither boss. When fully equipped, it will offer you fire resistance. Desert armor. It is craftable in the same way as the other elemental armors, but with a desert gem.

This desert gem will appear in the desert temples with a 50% chance. When you equip the full desert armor, it will give you the effect of speed and endurance.

Finishing with the elemental armors, we have the end armor, which is craftable with end gems. These gems appear in the chests of the end cities. When fully equipped, it will give you the effect of slow fall and endurance. The ruby, emerald and sapphire armor is crafted like normal armor, and also includes shovels, swords, picks, hoes, axes and even ore blocks. These ores will appear between 16 to 52, and the emerald will only appear in the mountain biomes, as in the original game.

It also adds pyrite armor, which is an upgrade of the gold armor, as it is craftable with a gold tool or piece of armor and a tungsten ingot on the crafting table.

Tungsten is an ore obtained from layer one to 16. When you chop this ore, it will give you only a part of it, which if burned in a furnace, will give you the tungsten ingot.

Tungsten is a simple mineral, or practically useless mineral, like copper, which is already in the official game, or another even more useless mineral, silver. The latter will appear between layers 1 to 16, and will be of absolutely no use to you. Another ore that we will find in this addon is alexandrite, the most OP ore in the addon. It is found in the end chests. With it you will be able to craft all the tools of the base game in its ore and a complete alexandrite armor.

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The last armor, the steel armor, with triple the durability of the netherite armor but with the same protection as the iron armor. To craft it, we will make use of the steel ingot, crafted with an iron ingot and a carbon block. As you may well know, this latest update 1.17 has added the deepslate, a block of stone with a darker tone that will appear in the caves. This block has also brought with it its variants in the form of minerals, such as deepslate diamond or deepslate coal. Well, this is also added by the addon, adding variants of the minerals that comes in its deepslate version, which are exactly the same but with the color of the rock adjusted.

Finishing with the addon, the decorative blocks. The marble, white block that will appear in caves, similar to the white concrete but with the ability to be chiseled in the stone cutter. The pink quartz, will appear in caves in the form of mineral, and when you put four of these together you will obtain the block of pink quartz, which you will be able to chisel in a stone cutter. And as a final note, if you notice that it takes you a long time to break an addon ore, if you put a diamond, iron or netherite pick on the crafting table, alone, without anything else, you can craft the custom pick, which will chop faster the ores added by the addon.


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Portal Gun Minecraft 1.17 PE

portal gun addon minecraft pe bedrock 1.17 bedrock ediiton minecraft 1.17 update

And now, let’s go to the next post Who doesn’t like the portal saga? Well, that’s what this addon adds, portal guns from that great game.

These guns have an identical behavior to the PORTAL game, you place two portals at different coordinates and you can teleport between them.

These two portals alternate between two colors, blue and orange. And it also adds a portal gun; made of potato. Why? It is a reference to Glados in its potato version, a transformation of the character glados in portal 2.

This weapon is very useful, since you will be able to have four portals in operation, to teleport faster through the world. And if you want more portals, you can use the portal gun from the Rick and Morty series. These portals will be green, both of them.

There are two transformations of the normal guns. The gravity gun and the black hole gun. The gravity gun will allow you to keep certain blocks in the air to transport them without the need to break them. This can only be done with the most common blocks.

And finally, the black hole gun, which will consume anyone who approaches, trapping and killing anyone who comes close, absorbing light, entities, and sound, a lot of sound.

Download PORTAL GUN Minecraft 1.17 PE

Partner Addon (Comes Alive)

addon partner minecraft 1.17 update minecraft bedrock

The partner addon, basically adds an npc that will follow you and help you in your adventure, something like the “Comes alive” mod, but removing the whole part of farming hearts to earn friendship and everything related.

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Once you have the npc templates spawned, which you get in the inventory of the creative mode, you can choose the gender of the NPC when choosing the egg.

Now it’s time to choose the skin. First you have to sieve it with some bread. Once sifted, you interact with the entity to choose the skin. Once chosen, you crouch and interact to confirm and choose the height of the npc, small, medium, or large.

Then, you crouch down again and interact to choose the item you want the npc to have. Each item can be used by the npc, for example, if you give him food, he will eat it and regenerate life, or if you give him a sword, he will protect you against mobs.

There are many items that you can give them, but one of the most important is the crafting table, which you can give to the npc to trade items. The most important of these are the chat and the change of clothes.

When interacting with the chat in your hand, all the npc you have in your hand will teleport to you. By giving you the change of clothes, these npc will change their skin.

Download Partner Addon Minecraft 1.17

Actual Guns 3D

Actual Guns 3D minecraft update bedrock update minecraft 1.17 bedrock

The addon “Actual Guns 3D”, adds 3D firearms, with bullets and everything.

In total it adds 10 firearms, counting grenades, that you can get with commands or buying them from a village cleric for a few emeralds.

Add the AWP, a Sniper, the Barrett M82A1, the Benelli M3 shotgun, two SMGs, the P90 and MP5, also an LMG, two submachine guns, a pistol, and the great grenade.

If you want to aim with the weapon in your hand, you will have to crouch down. The weapons have a certain amount of shots available, in order to reload those shots, you will have to make use of the bullets. The weapons are fully 3D models, so you will see them that way wherever you can see the weapon. Oh, and it works in multiplayer, just in case anyone was wondering.

Download Actual Guns 3D

Chest Lock (Security Craft)

chest miecraft 1. 17 bedrock chest security minecraft 1.17

The Chest Lock adds a protected chest, so that only you can access it with a specific key.

After you have crafted the chest, if you place it, you will be able to open it, but it can still be opened by everyone, how do I lock it? For that, you have to craft the key cards.

There are different colors, each one works with a different chest, the red key card, with a red chest. You can change the color of the key cards with dye of the desired color on the crafting table, but if you just want to change the color of the chest, you can also do it by interacting with the chest with any dye available in the game in your hand. But, people can still craft the key to open it and steal it. That’s what the recognition module is for, crafted with an observer and an iron hatch.

After giving the module to the chest, it will be yours, and you will be the only one who can lock and unlock the chest. Well, imagine you move, what do you do? After all, the chest is indestructible, isn’t it? Well no, you can break it with a chest destroyer, crafted with a pair of scissors and some flint.

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Download Chest Lock

Crazy Tools (More Tools Utilities)

crazy tools minecraft 1.17 bedrock edition PE

The crazy tool addon adds new weapons with different craftable effects.

The Dash feather gives you 1 second of speed. The Jump feather launches you into the air and then gives you a slow fall.

The Effectorizer gives you, players and nearby mobs a random effect.

He collects items, collects items and XP within 20 radius blocks.

The light wand, places blocks of light wherever you interact with it.

He traps mobs, will trap all mobs that are within 30 blocks radius.

The Ope Key, disables you from falling, fire and drowning damage.

The ore upgrader, transforms any ore in the game into blocks of the same.

The Pathmaker, creates 3×3 paths wherever you use it.

The Pearl sniper, teleports the player wherever he looks, similar to the operation of an end pearl.

The Phantom Key, disables the appearance of the phantom at night.

The Snorkel, allows you to breathe underwater. And finally, the Time Banana, is a banana that allows you to advance the time of Minecraft, being able to change from night to day quickly.

Download Crazy Tools

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