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Minecraft Comes Alive Mod – Minecraft 1.12.2

If you have already had experience with games created under the trend of adapting to a social life such as the classic game “THE SIMS” you will certainly know how much fun it can be to have a family and children and form a community.

Minecraft Comes Alive 1.12.2 marry

If you are looking to get married and have a family in Minecraft, you need to install the mod Minecraft Comes Alive 1.12.2. With this mod the villagers will become humans, specifically women and men, you will have more than 250 female and male appearances.the more than 250 appearances or skins of the villagers will be generated randomly for each of them.

You will be able to interact with both women and men, give and receive gifts, talk and chat with them, ask them to follow us to different places, hire them to work for you and even ask them to marry you and you will be able to have children with them. All this while still having the classic option to trade with them.

By marrying a villager and being able to have children with them, at the same time our own children will be able to have more children and our grandchildren will also have more children. In addition, we will be able to give work routines to the members of our family, making them work for us.

We will even be able to marry other players in Multiplayer mode. If we use the mod in multiplayer games we will be able to get married with any of the other players in the game.

Besides being able to get married and have a family with this mod “Comes Alive“, one of the biggest attractions of the game arises from the need to have to resort to survival methods to continue active for a long time in the game, which occupies a large part of our time, but rarely have access to other attractions, such as space for social life, which can give us a more emotional distraction time, and that is just what you will find when using the Comes Alive Mod For Minecraft.

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In short, with Comes Alive Mod For Minecraft just like in real life, you can fall in love, get engaged, get married, have a child, chat with other members of the community, tell stories, work, offer work and many other things that you can discover by using the submenu options, which will appear after installing the Comes Alive Mod For Minecraft.

Basically you will be able to use this resource to occupy another game mode that you never imagined was possible, where you can adapt according to your needs, and live a more sentimental and expressive life that escapes from the constant work of survival, where the possibility of getting closer to real life is possible with Comes Alive Mod For Minecraft.

As we mentioned earlier, any player can marry any villager you want, and can even have offspring and create a family. Once we have an established family we can define the roles of each of the members of our family, as well as their jobs and many more options.

How to marry in minecraft comes alive 1.12.2?

To get married in Minecraft Comes Alive the first thing you must do is to get the engagement rings, which are made in the following way:


We will need two rings in the inventory to propose marriage.

Once we have our rings ready, you have to keep in mind that you must conquer the person you want to marry. You must conquer the person you want to marry in Minecraft Comes Alive, we are not in the middle ages.

To conquer the person you want to marry what you must do is go to the villager you like, chat with him, give him gifts and all this taking into account the hearts counter that will appear when you talk to the villager you want to marry in the upper left corner of the screen, which will turn yellow when the villager is willing to marry you.

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 hearts to marry minecraft comes alive 1.12.2

Once the heart counter is yellow, just give one of the two rings you have to the person or villager you want to marry. With these steps you will be married quickly.

How to get divorced in Minecraft Comes Alive 1.12.2?

To get divorced in Minecraft Comes Alive 1.12.2 you must find a priest or also called cleric and click on him, then click on the SPECIAL button. There is a Divorce Spouse button, click on it. Once you do this, your former spouse will be angry with you, but you will be divorced or divorced.If you don’t have a priest, the only way to divorce her is to kill her.

How to get divorced in Minecraft Comes Alive 1.12.2?

The hard part is locating the clergy, my recommendation is to check the village first to see if there is a church. If there is a church in the village there will almost certainly be clergy.

I can’t find my wife in Minecraft Comes Alive 1.12.2

If you lose your wife in Minecraft Comes Alive 1.12.2 and you can’t find her, you have even crafted the whistle and keep calling your wife, but only your daughter shows up and your wife doesn’t show up.

The reason she’s not coming back is because when your wife or your child doesn’t get enough attention, or your child doesn’t have too many chores, they run away.  So basically, if she doesn’t come back, go look in the nearest village next to yours and you will find her.

In addition the following cases may occur:

-Your wife is trapped somewhere and can’t move.
-Your wife has died and the game does not recognize that.

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Download Minecraft Comes Alive for 1.12.2

A continuacion te dejo el boton de descarga, desde que podras descargar Minecraft Comes Alive 1.12.2 desde su sitio oficial.

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