Download Minecraft Chaos Edition or Chaoscraft

Download Minecraft Chaos Edition – Chaoscraft

Chaoscraft is known as the hellish version of Minecraft, because of the creepiness of the game environment, the mysticism that surrounds it and its hostile environment.

chaoscraft chaos edition minecraft

In this version of Minecraft all animals are hostile and red-eyed, cows will chase you, attack and cause damage, even the zombie chickens, sheep and pigs you will encounter.

 zombie pig minecraft chaos edition minecraft chaoscraft

The only peaceful creature in this version will be “Steve“, he will not attack or chase you, but if you commit the folly of attacking him, he will explode, killing you on the spot.

steve minecraft chaosedition chaoscraft minecraft

Of course, floating blocks, flaming trees and inverted crosses made of stone will not be missing in this version.

 minecraft chaos edition version minecraft

You should not be alarmed when you hear a cow bleat, followed by a chat message in red letters that appear to read “hello“.

hello minecraft chaos version or chaoscraft

In addition, you will come across signs that will try to scare you like the following one.

1 see you minecraft chaoscraft

But the strangest thing will happen at night when the moon will be stained with a very strange red color.

chaoscraft reed mon minecrafdt

Download ChaosCraft

If you consider yourself brave enough, you can download it from the button below. Only download it if you are a person with enough courage and bravery.

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