Download Minecraft Black Edition (V.1)

Minecraft Black Edition (V.1)

The Minecraft Black Edition (V.1) version is a modified version of Minecraft created from another scary version known as minecraft_hex.exe, created to cause fear to players.

What few know is that there is a remastered and much more entertaining version, called Black Edition (V.2) that you can play by clicking here.

Minecraft Black Edition download

This version does not allow you to play multiplayer however you should press the “Multiplayer” button and see what happens. If you try to enter any IP or Server address and click on connect, it will show some message similar to the following:

Minecraft Black Edition connect server

If you press the OK button, different messages like this will be displayed, warning you to stop playing this game, or that you should not be here, until Minecraft closes and shows you the following message:

turn around minecraft black edition

You should reopen Minecraft which will close completely after this last message and press the SINGLE PLAYER option, where you will see that it already shows you a preloaded world of a mysterious 666MB in size and dated 6/66/66, which is very rare.

select world black edition minecraft download

If you are brave and courageous, deciding to play this world by pressing the Play Select World button, you will appear in a world where the sky does not have its usual color, it is a red color similar to the one you carry in your veins.

sky minecraft black edition

Download Minecraft Black Edition (V.1)

To play this version, after downloading just double click on the file with the .exe extension.

Link 1:

Link 2:

Link 3:

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